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South Africa Charges Former Monero Lead Developer With 378 Counts of Fraud and Forgery

Former Monero lead maintainer, Riccardo Spagni, faces over 370 counts of fraud, forgery, and uttering. The charges against the developer stem from fraudulent activities he allegedly committed when he was still employed by Cape Cookies.

As per court documents filed in May 2022, the former developer is now facing 126 counts of fraud or contraventions of the VAT Act. He also faces “126 counts of forgery [and] 126 counts of uttering.” Attempts by Spagni’s lawyers to have the documents struck from record were reportedly rejected by a U.S. court, a report said.

Meanwhile, the revelation of the South African government’s charges against Spagni came just a few days after the former Monero maintainer reportedly waived his right to an extradition hearing. Also, in an affidavit reportedly filed on May 25, Spagni is said to have asked the U.S. court to hasten his extradition to South Africa.

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