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Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Accused of Willfully Failing to Act Against Onecoin Fraudsters

The legal representative of victims of the Onecoin bitcoin scam operation, Jonathan Levy, has accused the Bulgarian prosecutor of deliberately failing to take action against Onecoin. The lawyer said due to the prosecutor’s inaction, more victims are losing millions of dollars to the fraudsters.

A lawyer representing victims of the Onecoin bitcoin Ponzi scheme, Jonathan Levy, has suggested that the criminal scheme’s masterminds may be getting protection from the Bulgarian chief prosecutor, Ivan Geshev. In an open letter addressed to Yuliya Kovacheva, Bulgaria’s deputy minister of justice, the lawyer claimed Geshev’s inaction has allowed Onecoin to defraud new victims of millions of dollars.

According to Levy, the prosecutor has failed to act against the key Onecoin mastermind Ruja Ignatova’s mother, despite the existence of arrest warrants that have been issued by Interpol, Europol, and German law enforcement.

Meanwhile, in a letter in which he expresses his dissatisfaction with Geshev’s conduct, Levy accuses the prosecutor of not only failing to take action against Veska Ignatova (Ruja’s mother), but also of failing to act against “other Onecoin mafia in Bulgaria that continue the Onecoin criminal operation on behalf of the fugitive Ruja Ignatova.”

The letter also suggests that if Geshev were to take action, Onecoin masterminds would be forced to halt operations. He added:

This nonfeasance by the Prosecutor’s Office is allowing the Sofia office of OneCoin to maintain operations throughout Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and continue to receive millions of Euros in payments in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT) on a monthly basis from new victims.

Levy concludes his letter by urging the Bulgarian government to launch a probe into the prosecutor’s conduct.

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