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Sony Partners With Theta Labs to Launch 3D NFTs for Its Spatial Reality Display

Sony Group Corporation has revealed it has partnered with Theta Labs in order to launch 3D non-fungible token (NFT) assets. The upcoming NFTs will be crafted for the Sony Spatial Reality Display and are designed for three-dimensional viewing.

“Our legacies of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine in an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness come together to create a portal to another world,” Sony’s video description explains.

SRD plans to incorporate NFTs and metaverse concepts into the device’s offerings and Nick Colsey, Sony’s VP of business development, believes NFTs will enhance the experience. “Immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for metaverse enthusiasts and collectors,” Colsey said in a statement.

30-day stats show THETA is down 33.7% since last month. In terms of the 17 blockchains that issued NFTs, Theta network is the 14th largest in terms of sales volume. As far as all-time statistics, Theta has seen $14.74 million in NFT sales via 1,279 buyers, 1,159 sellers, and 8,165 transactions.

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