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ISC-CX Becomes the Official Feedback Partner of Poke House

ISC-CX, the leading provider of customer experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, announced today that Poke House selected ISC-CX as their digital customer experience company of choice. Poke House will leverage ISC-CX’s technologies and teams on the ground in every European country in which Poke House operates to streamline the measurement and management of their customer service. Last year, ISC-CX and Poke House conducted a successful pilot program in Italy, which included utilizing ISC-CX’s survey experts, and then expanded the program recently to all 65 Poke House locations.

“We are very pleased to partner with Poke House in order to tap into the explosive popularity of QSR eating options in Europe,” said ISC-CX Chairman Reinhold Auer. “Poke House has run an effective program measuring and managing customer service–we powered it with our newest technologies, an upgraded reporting system, and our team of experienced service testers. This takes Poke House’s customer service insights and the ability to act upon them quickly to the next level.”

“We are proud of partnering with ISC-CX. Due to their tailored and collaborative approach in designing and managing a customer service program, it will help us to deliver the best-in-class consistent experience to our community in all of our stores in 5 countries and coming soon to even more geographies,” said Alberto Vernazza, Head of Operations at Poke House Group.

ABOUT POKE HOUSE: Poke House is an Italian multinational company which is the leading poke bowl chain in Europe operating in Italy, Portugal, France and Spain and in the UK after acquiring Ahi Poke in 2021. Poke Bowl meets the demand for fast healthy food providing an engaging in-store environment as well as food technology, delivery and customization. Store have a California style and attitude to compliment the Hawaiian flavor of the customizable poke bowls.

ABOUT ISC-CX: ISC-CX is a leading provider of in-store and omni-channel customer experience analysis programs for global retailers based around the world. The multilingual, local teams on the ground in over 120 countries collect and analyze many millions of data sets per year.

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