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Silverback United, Inc. (OTC: MLCG) Announces Appointment of Ron Bienvenu as President and Chief Executive Officer

Data Monetization Visionary Assumes Role Immediately in First Phase of Management Reorganization and Execution of Business Plan Post-Reverse Merger

SILVERBACK UNITED, INC. (still trading under ML Capital Group, Inc. [MLCG] pending FINRA approval of name and ticker symbol change), a leader in the rapidly emerging industry of utilizing data as an asset that can be valued and monetized, (“Silverback”) announced today the appointment of Ron Bienvenu as President and Chief Executive Officer. Robert Tanko, who has been serving as the interim Chief Executive Officer and interim Chief Financial Officer, will continue to serve as interim Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Bienvenu’s appointment is effective immediately. Mr. Bienvenu, a noted thought leader in the technology, finance, and data industries and veteran corporate leader, will also continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer of RBEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC., which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silverback as a result of the recently completed reverse merger transaction with Silverback (the “Merger Transaction”).


The appointment of Mr. Bienvenu initiates the first phase of the complete management reorganization of Silverback after the Merger Transaction and coincides with the execution of the Silverback business plan. The Company is finalizing the selection of a new Board of Directors to lead Silverback, with those individuals to be announced shortly. Silverback will also soon announce the appointment of (i) new executive officers; and, (ii) the charter members of Silverback’s advisory board, to be composed of industry leaders in their respective field and discipline. 


Mr. Bienvenu brings over 30 years of experience across the technology and financial industries. He has run the gamut from technology entrepreneur to noted activist investor on Wall Street and has led numerous successful exits. He has also raised over $800 million in funding for various investments during his career. His book, The Fourth Shock, established the intellectual framework for the data economy, with many of its radical ideas becoming reality with the advent of blockchain and its confluence with AI and Big Data. A frequent lecturer and industry speaker, he also is an adjunct professor at Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business. 


“Following up on the groundwork provided by RBEL and the completion of the reverse merger to make us a publicly traded company, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and deliver on our business plan to fully monetize the untapped value of data as an asset,” said Mr. Bienvenu. “I’m excited to lead such an accomplished team as we pioneer this new industry. I believe Silverback is uniquely positioned to be the leader in maximizing value and return from the new asset class of data. Ever since I started my first software company in 1988, I have sought opportunities to be an innovator and industry leader, firmly believing that the digital revolution would transform the economy.”


Mr. Bienvenu went on to add, “Silverback is the culmination of my career and the integration of technology, finance, and data. The advent of data as an asset and all that it implies for the global economy positions Silverback to be the leader in an industry we believe can create wealth over the next decade than has been created over the past 100 years. It is important that we learn the lessons of the last great data revolution, the commercialization of the Internet in the 1990s, to make sure as a global leader of this opportunity we maintain strict ethical standards and we democratize the capital formation process to level the playing field for entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers. We look forward to being a truly disruptive force in the financial markets and delivering value to our clients and stockholders.” 


About Silverback United, Inc.: 


Silverback United, Inc. (OTC:MLCG) is the leader in the rapidly emerging industry of unlocking and activating the inherent value in treating data as an asset. This new asset class will have a global impact on balance sheets and income statements in the near term, and usher in new financial options leveraging the value of data and increasing overall corporate valuations. As the market continues to evolve, there will be unprecedented opportunities to create significant amounts of high-margin, recurring revenue streams that will result in margin expansion and higher profitability across the economy. Silverback and its subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to dominate the industry. 

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