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SigTrack Review: Legit Online Data Entry Work From Home

Not everyone has all the typical skills and knowledge for the data entry jobs are one of the best ways to enter the online earning world.

In this SigTrack review, you are going to learn what is SigTrack, whether they are legit or not, how much you can earn, are they accepting freelancers or not, and much more to know.

SigTrack is a platform for US residents who are looking for data entry jobs. The company was founded in around 2017 in the United States but there is not much information about the founders.

What you need to have is ID proof of US, a PayPal account, a high-speed internet connection, a single 4k monitor or a second 1080p monitor, and Windows or Mac OS.

Joining SigTrack is not easy! As they hire Freelancers to work with them as a team. But joining is not easy with them as they sometimes open and sometimes don’t.

While writing this article they are accepting new users.

On this page, you will find the latest information on how to join them.

You need to take a 3 to 5-second video with your driving license or state ID next to your face. The video should not be much longer and the file size should be 5MB or less than that.

You have to send your recorded video to this email “”, and verify the correct email from their official website before sending the video.

The team might do a skype video call to check if you are a resident of the US or not.

The Sigtrack login page can be accessible once you get accepted.

100% legit and secured platform to find data entry jobs.

They are not available on social media but their legitimacy has been proven because of their public reviews. If they accept your application then you should work with them to gain some experience.

Their website clearly mentioned how they actually pay and how much they pay. They pay 3 cents for every matching tag and 6 cents for every nonmatching tag.

Here Tag means voters’ registration details.

They pay on matching, they pay 2x when the signature doesn’t match with voters’ registration details. 72% of signatures match and 28% don’t.

SigTrack pay rate can be different from user to user and task you complete. Each user can proceed up to 350 tags in an hour and highly experienced freelancers do proceed up to 500 per hour.

90% accuracy:  $60.00 (min 50%)
92% accuracy:  $60.00
94% accuracy:  $72.00
96% accuracy:  $84.00
98% accuracy:  $96.00
99% accuracy:  $108.00

From the above details and table, we can say that you can easily earn around $10 to $20 per hour. But what newbies have reported is that they are earning around $1.60 to $3.00 per hour.

Payments are sent through Paypal and sent every Friday.

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