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Report: Globant Finds 73% of Tech Professionals Believe Metaverse Is Accessible to Them

A report issued by Globant, an Argentinian software company, has discovered that people feel the metaverse is close and accessible to them. The report, titled “How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world,” found that the metaverse is perceived as being accessible by 73% of the people consulted, but only 26% have had metaverse experiences.

The document, titled “How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world,” studied the opinion of 834 members of Globant’s database of technology professionals from around the globe. The report found that 73% of the surveyed believe that the metaverse is accessible to them, even with all the accessory technology needed to create this alternate world. However, only 26.5% of them reported having metaverse experiences.

Diego Tártara, chief technology officer at Globant, stated:

While in its early stages, the metaverse is challenging organizations to get their businesses ready for this new world. At the same time, as they bring their business to this new reality, their users are still learning to embrace this new era.

Another one of the findings of the report has to do with the target market that metaverse apps are aiming at. While the tech associated with metaverse apps is based on virtual reality hardware, the respondents believe that the industry is not only directed to the young crowd. 75% answered that the metaverse addresses all generations.

The report also informed about the importance of metaverse technologies for the future of remote work. The surveyed were very optimistic about the involvement of the metaverse for remote work, with 69% believing the metaverse plays a crucial role in this application. Remote work became a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic days, and now several companies are considering keeping it as part of their scheduling strategy.

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