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EnginZyme joins forces with leading food processing company to improve food & beverage production

The partnership demonstrates the food industry’s need for new technical solutions to minimise waste and produce healthier ingredients.

Enzymes are commonly used in food production, but their scope is limited primarily due to economic factors. The EnginZyme technology broadens the scope of enzyme utilisation as it allows access to better and greener products by economically performing valuable conversions. It can turn waste streams and associated costs into new products and revenues, and access new ingredients driven by broad consumer trends in the food industry, such as reduced sugar content and alternative proteins.

“We are very pleased to partner with a leading global food processing company to address the immediate opportunities in the food industry as well as enable improved food products,” said Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, CEO and co-founder of EnginZyme. “By combining our partner’s broad expertise and deep market knowledge with our enzymatic expertise and proprietary technology, we can collectively address the needs and challenges in the food processing industry.”

EnginZyme’s cell-free biomanufacturing platform combines the power of nature with the efficiency of state-of-the-art production by utilising enzymes in economical, proven, and scalable equipment. By designing enzymes and developing efficient processes, EnginZyme’s approach promises a new era for food production as it has the potential to unlock the full potential of biomanufacturing at the highest level across all metrics, including speed, cost, and scale.

“This is our third food process in development, along with another partnership in the food processing industry and our piloted process for the rare sugar kojibiose, collectively demonstrating that our technology can be used in the food industry for high volume applications where cost matters,” said Karim Engelmark Cassimjee. “Partnerships like this enable high-tech novel food solutions that can address key needs of the food industry, such as improving health and reducing waste. These commercial proof points validate that the cell-free approach has opened up avenues never before possible.”

About EnginZyme

EnginZyme was founded in 2014 with the vision of all of our everyday products made sustainably. Its cell-free biomanufacturing platform is created through a best-in-class approach that combines the breadth and power of biology and the efficiencies of the chemical industry. By replacing traditional fossil-based manufacturing with a cell-free technology platform, EnginZyme seeks to play a key role in solving one of the fundamental challenges of our time – how to produce better, greener, and cheaper products for everyone.

EnginZyme is recognised as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum and is backed by Sofinnova Partners, Industrifonden and SEB Greentech VC. To learn more, go to

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