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RebatesMe Review: Legit Or Scam Cashback Website?

Love to shop more than others? Usual buyers know how much it costs to shop! Sometimes you get a good deal and get cheated on the price. RebatesMe helps you to fight this problem.

If you have RebatesMe, you don’t need to worry about the product’s price as you are already going to get rebates on your shopping.

Saving money is possible using your mobile and web browser using their app or extension. In this RebatesMe review article, you are going to know if RebatesMe is legit or a scam? is it profitable to use? safe to install? how much you can save? Don’t worry we have answers to these questions.

RebatesMe is a Portland, USA-based registered company founded in 2013 by Daniel Dai. It claims that it offers the lowest price in stores you shop.

You can use them on your mobile device or in the chrome browser. It also offers a 10 USD sign-up bonus on registering and using it for the first time.

Signing up on RebatesMe is easy and If you are a new member and sign up on their website then you will get a $10 bonus.

They are running an offer for new members, on sign-up, every new member will get a $10 sign-up bonus. There are multiple options available to sign up, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Email.

This is where you have to focus on any RebatesMe review article.

We at MoneyForWallet focus more on negative reviews than positive ones because sometimes positive reviews are purchased to influence more users.

They have a 4.1 rating out of 5 from 176 users on Trustpilot, most of the negative reviews on Trustpilot are related to missing transactions, which means users made purchases but they didn’t receive their cash back. Good thing is that team is replying to every negative review posted by users.

RebatesMe is also listed on BBB with A+ ratings.

As they are not popular as Rakuten you will not find thousands of reviews about them. So if you still have a question, is RebatesMe legit? then yes it is legit.

After reviewing reviews from Trustpilot, some users seem not happy with customer support but they are not large numbers. Maybe it’s the user’s mistake or they have less patience.

Nowadays sites should have live customer support which RebatesMe doesn’t have, they provide mail support which definitely takes time to reply.

You can download the RebatesMe app on your Mac device only as currently, they have an app available on App Store only, in past they had an app for Android too but for now, it is not available.

RebatesMe extension is used by more than 20K users worldwide, It has four and a half ratings out of five. Whenever you visit a supported shop, the extension will show you the best offers which you can activate with one click and shop.

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