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Orfeus Network Introduces Commission-free Travel Ecosystem

Orfeus Network is a blockchain-based travel ecosystem consisting of platforms and services that promote commission-free and secure traveling.

Commission has always been an integral part of the agent-based travel ecosystem. Travel agents or broker companies that help travelers plan their trips, book tickets, hotels, etc. will usually charge a commission in the range of 10-35% or more for different types of travel packages. Naturally, it increases the cost of travel for the person traveling. What if there was a way to plan trips and book travel tickets without the need to pay commission to agents?

Orfeus Network is a blockchain-based travel ecosystem consisting of platforms and services that promote commission-free and secure traveling. In other words, Orfeus Network and its platforms allow users to plan trips and book tickets without any commission involved.

Orfeus Network is a decentralized self-developing tourist marketplace. The ecosystem comprises many advanced products, all created with the aim to make traveling a secure and cost-effective experience for everyone. All platforms in the Orfeus Network follow the principle of 0% commission, that is, users will never have to pay any commission for their travel bookings made via Orfeus Network or its platforms.

How does it work?

As a decentralized travel ecosystem, the Orfeus Network will introduce a number of high-end platforms for travel bookings, where users can book their trips at zero commission.

The top 2 platforms in the Orfeus Network are:


Travelers can use these two platforms to plan their trips as well as to book direct flights to anywhere in Europe at 0% commission. The use of blockchain technology will ensure there is complete transparency in all transactions, i.e. users can see exactly what they are paying for and how much.

Moreover, Orfeus Network will use its native digital token, the ORF token to ensure secure and transparent travel transactions for all its members. Other than ORF tokens, the network members are also free to use a variety of other payment options, including digital currencies such as ADA, ETH, BTC and USDT for tourist services. ORF token can be directly used on both TripXv and ClubXchain platforms for self trip organization and booking international flights to Europe. It also fuels the reward and bonus system of the Orfeus Network.

Orfeus Network commission-free travel ecosystem

The Orfeus Network has been created on the principle of commission-free travel and will involve no charge of fees for reservations through the platforms of the Orfeus Network, including hotels, flight tickets and other tourist services.

As the trend of self-reservation is increasing in the tourism industry, the Orfeus Network aims to enable everyone to make safe and commission-free bookings via its network of platforms. This includes the elimination of commissions for bookings of hotel, restaurant, travel tickets, car rental and other tourist services.

Through the Orfeus network platform, tourists will be able to carry out profitable and secure financial operations, including payment to tourist sites, purchase of tourist goods and services, payment of fees for events, bank transfers and everything else, with zero commission and a chance to win rewards through the bonus system.

By eliminating commission, the Orfeus Network will not necessarily eliminate travel sites and agencies from the process. Instead, it will provide tools for travel agents to make convenient, secure and cost-effective travel packages for their customers.

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