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New Commercial BVLOS 12-Mile Milestone – Longest Distance Allowed by FAA

Censys Technologies and Soaring Eagle Technologies, the leading commercial Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) service provider in the US, have secured their third BVLOS waiver, resulting in more efficient tech-enabled data acquisition. The waiver covers a 12-mile distance – the longest distance ever approved by the FAA.

Over the past three years, both companies have worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to build a reputable safety case using Iris Automation’s advanced detect-and-avoid technology (DAA) system, Casia, and have completed thousands of flights.

The Soaring Eagle team plans to utilize the waiver for inspecting transmission power lines per the FAA’s Part 107.31/33 waiver, enabling the remote pilot-in-command (RPIC) to fly three miles down range for a total of six unique miles of data.

According to the President of Soaring Eagle, Will Paden, “Soaring Eagle, Censys and Iris Automation are on a mission to help surveyors, engineers and asset managers—including those responsible for utilities, bridges and other critical infrastructure—bridge the gap in cost-effectiveness in applications of unmanned aviation. The continued expansion of BVLOS operations means data acquisition with significantly lower cost and environmental impact.”

“Censys and Soaring Eagle Technologies are doing truly significant work to expand BVLOS operations,” explains Gabrielle Wain, VP of Global Policy and Government Affairs, Iris Automation. “Censys and their clients have documented a huge amount of flight data, coupled with the Casia DAA’s groundbreaking performance and reliability data, to prove their mission’s safety and capability to the FAA.”

“The difference between submitting a waiver three years ago and today is data,” explains John Lobdell, Chief Technology Officer and waiver team lead at Censys. “When we submit a waiver now, we have proof from our flight teams, DAA supplier and customers that proves BVLOS mission reliability.”

The FAA requires drone pilots to maintain visual line of sight at all times with any drone they are operating, unless they have secured a BVLOS waiver. The Censys Technologies team utilizes its industry expertise, DAA technology and data to help get clients’ aircraft in the sky quickly and efficiently for advanced operations.

About Censys

Censys Technologies Corporation builds remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers, enterprise organizations and government entities. We take pride in the relationships we share with our customers; you are our first priority and we demonstrate that through stellar customer service. Everything we do is centered on understanding your needs and delivering a product that will perform for you and grow your business. The Sentaero family is the UAV performance and value leader in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief and public safety. Let us figure out a package that is right for you.

About Soaring Eagle Technologies

Soaring Eagle Technologies is a minority and veteran-owned tech-enabled drone inspections company servicing the continental United States. Soaring Eagle is owned and operated by Houston-based Iapetus Holdings LLC (Iapetus), a privately held portfolio of energy and utility services businesses and alternative investments. Iapetus brings an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking approach and a deep bench of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds in finance, energy, safety, risk management, communications, human resources, and various other spectrums. The Iapetus suite is a multimillion-dollar portfolio with more than 400 employees across seven U.S. offices in TX, FL, CA, NY, AZ, MS, and MA, efficiently structured to deliver optimum results for clients. The operating companies include Atlas Commodities, Atlas Field Services, Atlas Retail Energy, Soaring Eagle Technologies, Gold Coast Utility Specialists and Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions. Iapetus is the proud sponsor of a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Atlas Scholars. For more information, visit Iapetus Holdings LLC.

About Iris Automation

Iris Automation is a safety avionics technology company pioneering on and off board perception systems and aviation policy services that enable customers to build scalable operations for crewed and uncrewed aircraft; unlocking the potential of countless industries. Iris’ Casia system runs either onboard the aircraft or in a ground-based configuration. We work closely with civil aviation authorities globally as they implement regulatory frameworks ensuring BVLOS is conducted safely, partnering on multiple FAA ASSURE and BEYOND UAS Integration Programs and Transport Canada’s BVLOS Technology Demonstration Program.

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