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Mobifitness: A Global Award-Winning Company Now Retailing Turbo Exercise Bike on Amazon

Mobifitness has brought its Turbo Exercise Bike to Amazon stores. The four-time iF design award-winning smart fitness equipment company, which aims to integrate fine craft and artistic design into its products, has adopted modern technology and intelligent solutions to enhance fitness lifestyles.

The main feature of the Mobifitness Turbo Exercise Bike is its silent and ergonomic form factor encased within a sleek design that sets it apart from competing products. The bike can be paired with the MOBI app that offers customizable metrics and training plans. This app does not require a subscription and is updated by Mobifitness with new courses regularly.Mobifitness’ iF Design Award-Winning Products:

1. TM 01 Folding Treadmill

Designed for urbanites, this innovative machine provides a shock-absorbing running surface that reduces injury risk to bring a smooth training experience to the home. Users can manage training sessions on the MOBI app. Available in five minimalist back designs that sync with any home environment.

2. Smart Elliptical Trainer

Combined with the functionality of professional fitness equipment and the stylishness of home furniture, the Smart Elliptical Trainer can blend elegantly into any modern home. The embedded wooden disc creates an aesthetic harmony between the machine and living space. To match different training intensities, it offers 24 adjustable levels of resistance, which can easily be controlled via tablet or smartphone.

3. Smart Scale for Gyms

Equipped with data tracking functionality, the scale measures up to 0.1g for high precision. Individuals can place their mobile phones and other accessories in the enclave located on the left panel before stepping onto the scale.

4. Casa Rowing Machine

Combined with clean lines and chic minimalism, the Casa Rowing Machine offers maximum stability while occupying little space. The well-crafted wooden design makes it the centerpiece of any home.

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