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Military.Finance Named the Hottest Crypto to Watch in 2022

The Official Crypto for Veterans and First Responders Gathers Huge Momentum

It was recently announced that the $MIL token, created by Military.Finance – a team dedicated to supporting our military heroes, has been selected as “The Hottest Crypto To Watch In 2022” by Crypto Weekly Magazine.


After taking their first token from $10K to $70 million market cap in just five weeks, the Military.Finance team is now stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to make a difference in the lives of veterans and first responders.


One of Military.Finance’s Lead Advisors, Andy Stumpf said: 


“Veterans and first responders are often the first ones putting their lives at risk to ensure we have opportunities in the future. To help ensure they have opportunities that haven’t been readily available in the past, the $MIL community is ready to open new doors.”


Military.Finance ($MIL) is tipped to be a big topic of conversation at the upcoming Crypto Expo in Dubai on March 16-17, which Crypto Weekly Magazine is a key sponsor for.


Nathan Hill, the co-owner of the CMC group which owns Crypto Weekly will be speaking at the conference, as well as over 60 other speakers from more than 30 countries.


Over 10,000 traders and investors are expected to attend and Stumpf is keen to spread the word about Military.Finance’s goals:


“This token empowers the people to make a huge impact in restoring the lives of veterans nationwide. This is a project for those heroes, backed by heroes.”


About Military Finance: Military.Finance launched in May 2021 focused on providing financial and emotional support to military veterans when they return home from the battlefield through direct donations and partnerships with individuals and organizations.

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