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Miami Video Marketing Studio MU2 Productions Provides High-end Rentals,

An innovator among Miami video production companies, MU2 Productions offers high-quality, Miami-based camera and video equipment rentals, and video production in Miami.

MU2 Productions is an experienced studio agency assisting in all stages of the development of highly crafted media products and production services. From concept development and pre-production to filming and post-production, MU2 Productions offers all levels of Miami video production services, including coordinating, crew hiring, line producing, turnkey services, gear rentals, locations, casting, and more. The team offers hands-on experience with every detail of the technical and creative aspects involved in bringing clients’ content to life, backed by hundreds of contacts in the industry.

Established in 2009, the company is often bundled among the top video production companies in South Florida. Their production process allows for projects to come together with ease and within budget, and often collaborates with brands, agencies, artists, and other production companies to ensure that clients get the results they’re looking for. They’ve worked with plenty of well-known brands in the past, including Disney, McDonald’s, eBay, Uber, Ford, Allstate, and others.

MU2 Productions creates videos that connect with all types of audiences, with full-service capabilities that bring projects from the initial idea through final delivery. Their extensive list of camera and lens rentals is sure to provide clients with the specific gear needed for film, as well as music video production in Miami.

MU2 can be hired as a full-service production company in Miami or provide specific services like gear rentals or crews for any project needs. Their general advertising and social media video production services include digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, social media campaigns, and docu-style marketing.

Readers interested in the services provided by MU2 Productions are advised to contact the company at (561) 926-3679 to receive a quote.

About MU2 Productions

MU2 Productions strives to push the limits of production using the best crew, talent, equipment and technology possible to make a video that exceeds the expectations of clients and their audience. This is achieved by their experience and quality customer service, allowing them to maximize production value with simple and effective solutions.


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