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Meet Sunbelly Privacy Screens: The easy new way to create a beautiful retreat in your own backyard

The newest metal privacy screen designs for decks, porches, and more.

Each year hundreds of thousands of people search for privacy screen options for decks across North America. Sunbelly Privacy Screens are the newest option to hit the market, offering completely unique, modern styles that reflect today’s design sensibilities and maintenance-free lifestyles.


Sunbelly Privacy Screens offer the ideal balance of privacy and style, with six modern screen designs in both black and bronze with a variety of opacity levels. The panels can be flipped upside down or rotated 180 degrees, allowing customers to create custom combinations. Whether it’s for the design aesthetic, protection from peering neighbours, or anything in between, Sunbelly Privacy Screens has the solution. Their six profiles, in order from lowest to highest privacy, are:




Cinder Block


High Tide

Blurred Lines

Each screen profile is made using 100% powder-coated aluminum, which requires zero maintenance and will last a lifetime with no rust or decay. The metal privacy screen panels and posts are extremely easy to install.


Sunbelly Privacy Screens can be purchased through a number of dealers and distributors across North America. Dealers and distributors interested in selling Sunbelly can reach out at the contact info below.


About Sunbelly Privacy Screens

The Sunbelly team consists of product designers, exterior specialists, and former contractors who wanted to bring better outdoor privacy options to their customers. They created a new metal privacy screen option that balances beauty, versatility, durability, and ease of install and continue to find new ways to innovate in the exterior design market. 

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