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Mars4 Metaverse is Selling Fast in Japan

Mars4 also plans to expand into other markets in other regions, which will result in greater project exposure and faster growth.

Explore and colonize Mars to earn from it

It was created using two important blockchain assets: cryptocurrency and NFTs.

NFTs for a variety of in-game vehicles and other products will also be available soon on Mars4.

NFTs are utilized for in-game items and land plots to grant players total control over their possessions. No one, including game developers, can take them away from users since they are kept on the blockchain.

As a landowner, you will have complete control over your land governance, from making it public to enlisting other players to aid the process of growing your empire. The greatest thing is that you’ll be compensated with MARS4 dollars for your time and efforts.

Earn passive income from investing in Mars4 NFTs

The community pool allows investors to earn from NFTs in a passive manner. Every time you purchase Mars4 NFTs, your productivity score improves. Landowners can choose to open the communal pool to the public and distribute its funds to NFT holders in amounts that depend on their productivity ratings. You’ll get more during the distribution if the score is higher. As Mars4 is intended to be administered by the community, the voting system is the first step toward a DAO where anybody can be a part of the Mars4 governance.

The Mars4 community pool is regularly supplied with MARS4 dollars from many sources, including sales (both B2B and B2C) and advertising, with 20% of all earnings being set aside for the community. This strategy enables investors to get regular rewards for NFTs holding without putting in any effort.




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