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AllerSmart IgE Allergy Testing Now Available for At-Home or At-Clinic and Includes the 9 ‘Big Foods’ and 29 Key Environmentals

Covid 19 has dramatically impacted the healthcare industry and as such, antibody diagnostics have quickly evolved and gained recognition. Covid 19 testing went from appointment only, to drive ins, to at-home antibody testing in just months. “Look at the changes to telehealth and online medical appointments,” says AllerSmart CEO Daniel Sharp. “Old school IgG testing that often lead to dangerous false-positive results and malnutrition are becoming a thing of the past and panned by the World Allergy Organization and Colleges of Allergy around the world,” states Sharp. “Our test focuses on the IgE antibody, indicating true allergy.”

Dr. David Lee Scott Jr., PhD Microbiology, has spent decades developing and refining the testing procedure. His groundbreaking work is a disrupter to much of the diagnostic world. By using dry blood spot cards for sample collection rather than a vial of blood, the stability of IgE in the sample goes from a 3 day half life to many weeks. It also allows the simple test collection to be done at home or remote clinics.

“We provide peace of mind,” Sharp continues, “and enable parents and individuals by providing fast, accurate, critical information. They can then share results in partnership with their health care provider to complete a diagnosis, treatment and safety plan.” He concludes, “Education and awareness is vital, there are currently countless numbers of people wandering around today who had IgG tests thinking they have a food allergy when they very well may not.”

AllerSmart IgE collection kits are purchased directly online for as little as $99 USD by individuals or medical clinics. Once the sample arrives at the lab, 3-5 days later the results are emailed along with a complete report. The comprehensive report outlines the treatment options and additional tests for discussion with a healthcare provider. Results can also be directed to a doctor for follow up. Customers are encouraged to check with their health plan provider as most cover IgE allergy testing.

About AllerSmart IgE:

AllerSmart IgE’s team includes industry professionals, clinicians, pharmacists and microbiologists with decades of combined experience in the allergy diagnostic and immunotherapy field. All testing is undertaken in a certified CLIA laboratory in the USA. Distribution in the USA and Canada is done directly online at Media Contact is Mr. Christian Sharp,


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