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Horizon Oasis FZ LLC Enabling the Application of Blockchain Real Use Cases

The software developer founded by the Spanish entrepreneur Cristian Carmona is setting the basis of how blockchain and its different use cases best translate to real benefits for real businesses. Horizon Oasis is working a varied array of blockchains in order to deliver the best-in-class solutions to their business partners.

Revolutionizing the revolution

The blockchain revolution started with the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a digital currency based on a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that makes its ledger security virtually unbreachable. Ethereum, another cryptocurrency brought to life smart-contracts, a technology that has revolutionized the revolution itself. This new spin on block-chain allows for the programmability of the blockchain, being able to store the nature of the transactions and any obligations associated with them. This allows for a plethora of new use cases, starting with defi and money lending/borrowing, but it doesn’t end there. Horizon Oasis FX LLC works together with its customers to find the solution that best fits their needs.

One technology, multiple approaches.

Although Ethereum was the pioneer in smart contract, and has the biggest and most robust ecosystem out there, it hasn’t been the only one. Other projects have come to reduce gas fees (the transaction costs implicit to any cryptocurrency movement) and improve transaction throughput (the amount of movement the blockchain can process each minute), moving from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Cardano, founded by an Ethereum co-founder Charles Hosinson adopts proof of stake to reduce energy consumption and lower gas fees, Iota or EOS, to name a few, also have their own take on the distributed ledger solutions. Horizon Oasis FZ LLC works with all these platforms, ensuring its customers always enjoy cutting edge technology which in the end translates to safer and faster solutions.

Reimagining the financial landscape

Oasis Horizon FZ LLC leverages its team knowledge in the blockchain domain to program solutions for the most varied industries. The company’s expertise in smart contracts allows them to materialize fintech solutions from inception all the way to ultimate business adoption in a wide array of domains. These solutions are guided by Oasis Horizon FZ LLC aim to improve the smoothness and efficiency of its partners transactions, while at the same time guaranteeing blockchain benefits such as transaction speed, security, and transparency.

Oasis Horizon FZ LLC a new player in the blockchain ecosystem

Cristian Carmona, a Spanish Fintech entrepreneur, with notable blockchain expertise, embarked in launching Oasis Horizon FZ LLC after identifying the potential of applying this technology to specific sectors. Carmona was aware that Crypto was a first step for Blockchain, but the big revolution was still to take place; Finance, telecom, supply chain, all could apply the technology to improve processes, security or transparency, so in 2019, he decided to set Horizon Oasis LLC offices in Dubai. Since inception, Horizon Oasis FZ LLC has helped corporations achieve their true potential by implementing cutting edge blockchain solutions


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