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Local Helena Chiropractor Gives Life Back to Military Veteran

In the face of a global pandemic and the nation’s ongoing rebound from the mental, social, and physical devastation of COVID-19, a devoted chiropractor is paving the way for hope. A healing and recovery advocate, Dr. Nicholas Smith of Elevation Spine and Wellness has seen his most transformational case yet in his young patient, Mike.

A service member in the United States Army, 32-year-old Mike sought out the care of Dr. Nicholas Smith after suffering seemingly untreatable physical symptoms including numbness, tingling, physical weakness and diffuse body pain, all of which were interfering with his ability to carry out his daily tasks. “He found me at his wit’s end,” Dr. Smith explains. “He was being prepared to be processed out of the military, where he’s built a career of serving his country and carrying out his duties passionately. All he wanted was to keep doing his life’s work.”

Mike was experiencing a series of unidentifiable symptoms that no expert had been able to successfully diagnose. Assessed by a series of neurologists, orthopedists, and specialists both within and outside of the military network, Mike was passed from one specialist to another without any meaningful diagnosis. Dr. Smith recalls the devastating moment that Mike nearly gave up: “he was finally told what no one wants to hear—that it was all in his head. At that point, he felt like there was nowhere left to turn.”

In a moment of desperation, Mike visited Dr. Nicholas Smith, with whom he’d maintained a long-standing patient relationship. Upon learning of the severity of Mike’s life-altering symptoms, as well as of the previously unsuccessful attempts to determine the source of his pain and discomfort, Dr. Smith immediately conducted a new, comprehensive exam and assessment.

Sure enough, Mike was suffering from a variety of postural distortions and subluxations—a chiropractic term referring to misalignment in the skeletal system and joints. With Mike’s eager participation, Dr. Smith began a customized chiropractic protocol to begin resolving the imbalances in Mike’s body, which appeared deceptively healthy at a glance. “People don’t realize it, but appearance doesn’t dictate your health,” Dr. Smith explains. “You can be the most active, fittest-looking person in the room – that has little to do with your internal wellness.”

After a series of regular, intensive treatments, Mike made a complete recovery. Mike’s physical symptoms of nerve pain, muscle weakness, and global pain and discomfort disappeared. Today, Mike is proudly furthering his military career, has returned to his favorite athletic activities, and is now benefitting further from regular, consistent chiropractic care.

Dr. Nicholas Smith of Elevation Spine and Wellness encourages everyone to seek chiropractic care. With an emphasis on holistic and a whole-body approach to wellness, corrective chiropractic care continues to be one of the most powerful, life-changing solutions of our time.

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