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KyberSwap’s Trending Soon Feature Helps You Find Today the Tokens Everyone Will be Talking About Tomorrow

The investors who had the foresight to get into bitcoin early, hold on to their cryptocurrency and sell when it took off are extremely wealthy right now. In the wake of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exploding price-wise, people look towards the next digital currency to get rich. However, the question is how does one go about doing that? Especially if the investor is new in the world of crypto and doesn’t have a clue where to start from.

Choosing the wrong tokens is risky because there is a chance you will lose everything if the project crashes, as recent events have shown in the case of LUNA. If you don’t take a risk and stick to blue chips that are performing well, like BTC or ETH, it can be argued that there is a chance this is a safe investment, and it will increase in value – give a good ROI. For example, if BTC is $30,000 today, it can increase and reach 50k next year.

A word of caution, as an advisory, the tool is only to supplement and assist users, investors should do their research to identify different projects they are interested in. As part of due diligence, research by going to the project’s website to look at their team, roadmap and whitepaper, and any announcements related to the projects of interest. Complimentary tools like KyberSwap’s Pro Trading Tools and LunarCrash can be used to do a technical analysis to see whether the token(s) are getting a lot of attention online; this will help the potential investors to make an informed decision regarding their investments.

After an investor has chosen their cryptocurrency, they can buy it on KyberSwap! Fans of Ethereum, BNB, AVAX, Polygon, Cronos, Fantom and more can buy their desired tokens at the best rates available.

KyberSwap is the only DEX aggregator that allows users to check trends and trade efficiently and conveniently, all within one platform, so users do not have to go elsewhere. Instead, the team has launched this new feature for traders to check out trending tokens on the KyberSwap ‘Discover’ page. The page is split into two tabs, allowing KyberSwap users to view what tokens are Trending and Trending Soon – breaking into the market with high potential.

Tokens displayed under the Trending tab are based on current trending data gleaned from top data aggregators. Tokens displayed under Trending Soon are detected based on KyberSwap’s trend detection algorithm, using trading volume, price, market cap, and other on-chain data. These tokens may not be trending now but could be trending soon.


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