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JobBoy Review 2022: JobBoy Is Legit Or Scam Site and Payment Proof?

There are lots of micro earning job sites and Jobboy is one of them. Jobboy is new and it seems it is a legit platform as well but you are not sure, right?

You might come to know about but it is new in the market and you don’t know if it is legit or not, don’t worry we are here for you.

In this article of Jobboy Review, you will get to know everything about the Jobboy platform, payment proof, whether they are legit or scams, application, and users review.

JobBoy was founded in 2014 (we don’t have information on the exact year) in Netherland. They were not active for while.

It supports Litecoin only, hence it is the best site to earn free Litecoin.

For money earners, you can complete different tasks like signing up, downloading, searching, joining social media, and more to earn money.

For advertisers, you can promote your websites, referral links, social media profile, or apps. To get a view on the website, and referrals, increase engagement on social media profiles and install the app.

As it is a micro job or tasking platform advertisers may ask you to complete different tasks, while completing tasks you make sure don’t provide personal credentials like credit card details.

JobBoy includes three personals you (as employee), employer (the person who posts tasks), and the platform itself.

Creating an account is mandatory and it is the first step that you have to do. You can sign up using email, Facebook, or Gmail.

Sign up process is “Bit” length here in comparison to other micro job sites. You have to provide the following details, name, email, dob, country, state, city, and gender while signing up.

Once you complete the registration process you now need to submit and complete your profile. On the profile setting or withdraw page, you have to submit your Litecoin address.

If you are logged in then you will find the “Find A Job” button on top of every page. Click on it and you will get a list of available jobs, as of now they have more than 46 jobs that can let you earn around $20. Not a bad deal.

After completing the job asked to complete you have to submit asked proof in the job but some jobs don’t ask for proof as well just complete tasks and earn.

Once you submit your payment proof Employer will review your proof (he has to do that within 48 hours) if the Employer missed reviewing your application or payment proof you will get approved automatically.

JobBoy is a 100% legit platform and trusted website to earn free money online. It is a legit site but it doesn’t mean everything is OK here. Some users have complaints as well.

JobBoy has rated 4.8 out of 5 from 338 users, it looks impressive, right? Now let’s read some negative reviews.

There are some users who claimed that they got their account blocked by JobBoy after reaching the minimum payout and the reason given was creating multiple accounts.

Also, some users reported that customer support is very slow and it doesn’t help you in any way. Let’s check available methods to contact customer service.

They are legit if you ignore this warning, definitely, everyone is not getting banned.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $6.00 through Litecoin. In past, they have payment methods like Paypal and Payza but as of now, they do support only Litecoin.

This is where they lack, they don’t have proper and fast customer support. As of now, you can contact support through Ticker only which takes up to 24 hours to reply.

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