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Huron Valley Radiology, X-Ray Consultants, and Naugatuck Valley Radiological Associates Merge to Form Multi-State Corporation to Better Serve Trinity Health

Three private radiology practices located in Connecticut, Indiana, and Michigan have merged to create a new corporation, Advanced Imaging Alliance (AIA), designed to deliver a single level of excellent radiological service for Trinity Health hospitals as well as all other hospitals and health care providers served by AIA. The new organization is wholly owned by the physician shareholder members of the three groups that merged.

The individual radiology practices that comprise AIA will continue to operate separately as divisions of AIA in their respective communities. The groups include X-Ray Consultants (XRC), 11 radiologists, located in Northwest Indiana; Naugatuck Valley Radiological Associates (NVRA), 11 radiologists, based in South Central Connecticut; and Huron Valley Radiology (HVR), 54 radiologists situated throughout Southeast Michigan. AIA represents 76 radiologists.

“The formation of AIA reflects an enhanced alignment with Trinity Health and will deepen and augment the subspecialized radiological patient care provided by each division to all of the hospitals and health systems served by AIA in Indiana, Connecticut, and Michigan, 24/7/365,” said Eric Ferguson, MD, President and CEO of AIA and HVR.

All three groups have engaged with each other in quality improvement activities for several years as members of the Patient Safety Organization operated by Strategic Radiology, a national coalition of privately owned, independent radiology groups. Those activities involved data analytics and benchmarking against coalition quality metrics.

“Our practices achieved a high level of trust through relationships developed in Strategic Radiology,” said Edward Yang, MD, president, XRC. “Within AIA, we will leverage that trust on behalf of our patients and Trinity Health to improve quality and reporting through enhanced data analytics, shared metrics, and IT networking.”

Together, AIA’s three divisions will provide exceptional service to health systems, rural hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers in the states of Connecticut, Indiana, and Michigan. The 76 radiologists represented by AIA read a total of 1,395,000 studies annually.

“The consolidation trend in the hospital market is creating a national health care infrastructure that is not always aligned with local marketplaces,” said Geoffrey Manton, MD, president, NVRA. “AIA is proof that individual independent private practice groups based in communities across America can work together to meet the needs of multi-state health systems.”

About AIA
AIA is a multi-state radiology group that provides radiology services to dozens of health care providers, including nine hospitals operated by Trinity Health, Livonia, MI. AIA’s mission is to create a single level of excellent radiological service through continuous quality improvement across all hospitals and health systems served by AIA, with enhanced subspecialization, data analytics, and IT networking.

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