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Hummingbird Herb and Soap Co Introduces a New Retail Website

The new website featuring organic herbal self-care and metaphysical apothecary products is expected to create a buzz among fans who will find all their favorite herb-infused products.

 Nancy Kelly, herbalist and formulator at Hummingbird Herb and Soap Co, a leading retailer of handcrafted, artisan, spa-quality, herbal self-care products, is delighted to announce the opening of the new Hummingbird Herb and Soap Co website.


Hummingbird Herb and Soap Co is well known for their high-quality handcrafted herb-infused self-care products, including artisan glycerin soap, skincare salves and lotions, and hair rinses, as well as organic loose herb incense blends, available as individual products and in beautiful gift sets. All products and packaging are eco-friendly, and whenever possible certified organic materials are used. Products range in price from $8-$115.


Nancy Kelly is excited that the company’s enthusiasts are now able to shop for their favorites and find new collections on the new website, 

About Hummingbird Herb and Soap Co


Nancy Kelly – Herbalist and Formulator – “As an herbalist, I know that what we put on our skin can affect our health. Unhappy with commercial products, I began studying herbs and essential oils. Using this knowledge, I created products that nurture the body and soul. Our products contain no harsh additives or synthetic ingredients. Wherever possible, we use certified organic materials and always use natural ingredients. All of our products are handmade in small batches to protect the high quality of the ingredients.


Nancy continues researching and providing high-quality, natural self-care products that are eco-friendly. “I develop my own formulas and source my own raw materials with your health and the environment in mind. I make it a point to use sustainable, organic ingredients when available. I am thrilled that everyone who purchases one of our high-quality handcrafted products is receiving an all-natural product that they will feel good about purchasing and using.”

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