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How to bring an offline lexmark printer online

Although most usable and superb Lexmark printers are known for their best printing, Lexmark Printers face technical offline problems. When the Lexmark printer continues offline, a question pops up in mind, i.e. how to bring online Lexmark printers online, you can change the Lexmark printer offline mode online whether Windows or Mac use your Windows operating Get the solution as a system

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline ISSUE

Step 1: Monitor Lexmark Printer Power Status –

First of all, check the Lexmark printer, whether power is turned on or not. Connect the power supply to the proper source of electricity. Check whether the printer blinking light is indicating any warning or not.

Step 2: Check printer connectivity-


See printer connectivity. It may be due to hardware issues. Technical mistake can be cartridge jam, paper jam etc. Hardware issues can be physically decided by checking the papers or by examining cartridge etc.

Step 3: Take a look at the printer driver-

If the driver is unavailable or corrupted, then download the Lexmark printer driver from the official website and restore it.

Step 4: Turn on printer device online –

Check the Lexmark printer status and change it back to online mode by changing your settings.

Step 5: Reset or delete old data-

Go to “Device and Printer” in the Control Panel and then double click on the printer where the print command is required. Click right and remove it.

Step 6: Restart the printer-

Restart the printer and print the spooler service.

So far this problem may solve and your printer is now ready to print.

How do I fix offline Windows 10 to my Lexmark printer?

Fix the offline issue in Lexmark printers in Windows 10. In some cases, the Lexmark printer automatically sets offline under its property setting. Fix it by the following Lexmark Printer troubleshooting steps

  • Click on the desktop “Start menu” Open “Device and Printer”.
  • Next right click on printer device to choose properties.
  • Turn on the online status of “printer offline” bar by disabling it. Some more steps are to learn:
  • Verify network connectivity
  • Block security software
  • Change printer driver
  • Customize printer settings

We hope you Lexmark printer offline issue has fixed.

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