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Got WhatsApp problems with voice messages, photos and videos? You’re not alone

Do you also have trouble listening to voice messages received on WhatsApp or looking at photos and videos because the application, when you try to listen to them, crashes or refuses to download the files? Don't worry, you're not the only ones!

The problem with WhatsApp voicemail messages

If you are used to receiving voice messages on WhatsApp, the app does not allow you to listen to the received voice messages at the moment. The same seems to be true for photos and videos, but the problem also arises when you want to download files. It seems that the problem affects all users worldwide.

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WhatsApp tips and tricks

Of course, panic seems to be invading many users, especially on social networks wondering why the application is not working. At this time, no official explanation has been given. However, this is not the first time that Facebook’s messaging service has been the victim of such a shutdown, and if we remember the failures that occurred in the past, it seems that WhatsApp is simply suffering from a server problem. Messenger, another Facebook application, also seems to be affected by concerns.

Unfortunately, in this situation, there is no miracle solution. Only the patience and rapid reaction of WhatsApp’s technical teams should solve the problem. However, you can try to listen to the messages you receive using a file manager.

Have you also encountered the problem or do you only rely on the official version of the application?


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