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Giant Invitations Announces Trends for 2022 Luxury

More weddings are taking place worldwide in 2022 than in the past two years.

According to Giant Invitations, a leading supplier of wedding invitations, with more weddings taking place worldwide in 2022 than in the past two years, loved-up couples are finding new ways to spread their ‘big day news’ through print wedding invitations. 


One of the top trends for wedding card print options is staying eco-friendly. This includes seed-infused papers and post-consumer recycled papers. Typically, couples planning an event immersed in nature, or with an outdoor element, will favour an organic stationery vibe. Together with a well-matched print style, the look can be complete. 


Trendy Designers recommends brown or natural cardboard type craft paper to achieve the look. Inspiration for nature-inspired wedding invitations can be seen on Pinterest. 


By contrast, another highly sought-after look for wedding stationery this year is minimalist acrylic and translucent, velum type materials. Couples who want to hint that their event will be ultra-modern, fresh and fashionable are opting for flawless acrylic invitations with cohesively matching on the day sets, used at the event itself for signage such as menus, table lists and wishing wells. White is the new black for text printing in 2021. In fact, coloured papers with white ink text are also favoured over typical blank ink text common to previous years. 


High on the list for trendy couples in 2022 is the desire to have a custom monogram wax stamp. Similar to ‘branding,’ personalised stamps can be used on multiple formats and stationery items and are taking the idea of wedding invitations to a whole new level. With plenty of variation by way of what is included in a monogram, couples can enjoy the process of marketing their love story to family and friends. Perhaps much of this hype parallels the social sharing aspect of events. Branding a wedding can indeed make the event feel more exclusive for guests. 


Print techniques can also inject a whole lot of luxury for couples wanting a fashionable edge for their wedding invitations. In 2022, quality hot foil stamping in Rose Gold is leading the way. Rose gold text offers a shimmer with a visual association of love within the royal pink colour tone. Brides, grooms and guests are proving to adore the combination of this print technique upon natural papers or dark chocolate or black paper stock for impact. showcases rose gold as part of modern wedding themes to inspire


It seems that with all the planning that goes into a wedding celebration, couples are keeping their eyes and ears open for new ways to inject magic into each aspect of the event. Wedding Invitations are one essential part of the event that allows for creativity and customisation. It is clear that wedding stationery designers all over the world have their fingers on the pulse to deliver trending style in 2022. 

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