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Facebook unveils new 3D photos: here’s how to do it

Facebook has announced the arrival of 3D photos on its virtual reality portal. Viewable on apps, PCs and VR glasses such as Oculus Go, 3D photos can be taken directly from your smartphone using photos taken in portrait mode. The result is amazing!

The new technology presented by Facebook 360 will allow you to share with friends and acquaintances a new type of 3D images. The images, made from a shot taken in portrait mode, maintain a clear separation between subjects in the foreground, second floor and background. As the feed flows or the smartphone tilts, these images show an effect called parallax to give the post a further sense of depth.

How to create a 3D photo on Facebook

To post a 3D photo on the famous social network, just follow these simple steps:

Take a picture in portrait mode with your compatible smartphone.

Create a new post on Facebook.

In the list of functions in which there are activities, stickers, GIF, check-in (and more) from today you will find the item 3D Photo.

Choose the photo, select the Share button and Facebook will take care of the rest!

The 3D photos can be viewed immediately by everyone via smartphone, desktop browser or Oculus VR viewers while the ability to create 3D photos is in gradual rollout. If you don’t have the appropriate option yet, don’t worry, soon the new feature will come to you!

Look for example at this beautiful image taken by the developer Leonardo Pirro who has already received the function and allowed us to share his shot. This picture, for example, was taken with iPhone X, a sign that iOS devices could be the first to receive the function.


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