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Eye Opening Tips for Start-up and Small Business Success

Are you planning on joining the thousands of other entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business in 2022? It’s an exciting time for budding business owners who are keen to hit the ground running and start making a name (and an income) for themselves. You may have a great business idea. Such as cleaning services, property management, or home baking in mind. Or, perhaps you’re hoping to utilize one of your many skills and offer your services in a specific industry. For example, web design, tutoring, and education or digital marketing. Well, whatever your business plans are, having the right mindset, tools and knowledge is key to getting the ball rolling as smoothly as possible. In this post, we’ll explore some eye-opening tips for startup and small business success – read on to find out more.

Establish Your Payment Process
Thinking about getting paid at this stage can feel like you’re jumping the gun a little. However, establishing your payment process and payment terms is a fundamental feature of your business success strategy. Failing to do so can lead to issues with payments further down the line. This could include delays in payments, confusion over invoices, and awkward phone calls with irate clients.

Calculate VAT
Knowing how to calculate VAT is an important aspect of running your business. However, it’s this specific fiscal requirement that has new business owners losing sleep. Complicated calculations and fears over inaccuracies that might come back to haunt them. To start it’s important to recognize that there are 3 different rates of VAT:

Standard rate = 20% (Most goods and services)
Reduced rate = 5% (Some goods and services)
Zero rate = 0% (Zero-rated goods and services)
Of course, simply knowing these different rates isn’t enough to take the complexity out of VAT. Whether maths is your strong point or not, it makes sense to harness the use of technology and software to do all the calculations for you. And this is where an online VAT calculator comes in. By simply entering all the relevant numbers and data into the calculator, you can choose the rate that applies to you and then simply “Add” or “Remove” VAT at the touch of a button.

When you’re building a business up from scratch, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed and confused. By utilizing the latest in user-friendly VAT calculators, you can take the confusion out of VAT and get back to running your business.

Create a Robust Business Plan
How are you going to structure your business? And how will it operate? Where will the initial funds come from? The answer to all these important questions should be developed within your robust business plan.

Studying your competition and taking time to calculate accurate predictions and processes before you begin is key. This is often the difference between a successful startup and one that fails within the first year.

Remember The Importance of Customer Relationships
Whether you’re valeting a car for a first-time customer, or you’re designing a website for a larger business, developing positive customer relationships is the key to unlocking repeat business and recommendations. Building on the customer experience doesn’t just mean a smile from you. It means seeking out and acting upon feedback and constructive criticism. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to business success, but there’s a great deal you can also learn from your clients!

Start Networking
It’s never too early to start networking within your chosen industry. Whether it’s conventions for local businesses. Or, LinkedIn to interact with your small business counterparts. Networking isn’t just great for finding work and collaborative opportunities. As someone new to self-employment, you can steadily build your confidence and speaking skills. Plus, make stronger connections that benefit your business.

Final Thoughts…
Feeling confident? If you’re planning on launching a start-up in 2022, consider these helpful points. They can ensure business success before you get to work.


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