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Exploring Julian, CA: Live Webcam Views

Experience the charm of Julian, CA with live webcam views! Explore the picturesque town, scenic landscapes, and local attractions in real-time from the comfort of your screen.

The quaint mountain town of Julian, California, popular for its four seasons and historic mining town atmosphere, has installed a webcam with a view of the town’s Main Street. Streaming on the Julian Chamber of Commerce’s website,, the webcam is providing people the world over with the best seats in town to see what’s happening in Julian.

Webcam visitors will be able to see Julian’s weather firsthand, answering the most frequently asked question of Julian this time of year, “Is there snow?”

“We are so excited to be able to show others what’s going on in our special little town!”

Tracy Turner, Board Member, Julian Chamber of Commerce

Of course, there is more to Julian that seasonal snow falls and their new webcam will capture those events. For example, the webcam is perfectly placed to broadcast the Fiddle Camp’s “Flash Jams” that take to the streets in April, Julian’s colorful and patriotic 4th of July Parade, and the lines that form all year of visitors excited to try a piece of Julian’s famous apple pie.

Go to and capture your own view of Julian, the epitome of beautiful, small town living.

Source: Julian Chamber of Commerce

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