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Excel High School Expands Offerings To Include Online SAT Prep Program

Excel High School, a regionally and nationally accredited online high school based in Minnesota that offers both live and asynchronous online SAT Prep courses to prepare learners for the SAT standardized college entrance exam. The College Board recommends students begin preparing for the SAT during 10th-grade and, take the SAT test junior year, and continue taking the SAT exam through the beginning of their senior year if they are unhappy with previous scores.

“Excel High School is delighted to partner with Train the Brain, our sister company, to offer affordable, live online SAT prep courses. As an accredited online education service provider, Excel is thrilled to provide small-group online courses designed to improve SAT test scores significantly,” says Rod Clarkson, CEO of Excel High School. “It is not always easy to attend in-person courses, and Excel High School has bridged the gap between online and in-person learning.”

Students often struggle with standardized exams, but many colleges and universities still require applicants to submit scores before admission. Because of the importance of these measurement exams, there are several benefits for taking live or asynchronous self-paced SAT prep courses:

The live SAT prep course helps learners increase knowledge across both Math and the Language tests,
Online SAT prep improves test-taking skills, and
It will build your confidence before the test.
Math and Language Tests

Students can earn a two semester elective course credit if they take both the Math and Language sections of the online prep course, but students also have the option to sign up for a half-credit of either test-prep course individually. The assessments in the Math course focus in-depth on three essential areas of math: Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, and Passport to Advanced Math. Problem Solving and Data Analysis is about being quantitatively literate. Heart of Algebra focuses on the mastery of linear equations and systems, which helps students develop key powers of abstraction. Passport to Advanced Math focuses on the student’s familiarity with more complex equations and the manipulation they require. This course includes hundreds of examples and practice problems to help the student prepare for success.

The English prep course consists of two sections: Reading and Writing & Language. Throughout the course, students review how to identify the central ideas and evidence in texts, how to identify the author’s intent and purpose in a piece of writing, writing conventions, strategies for close reading, and analysis of author’s tactics in writing.

Test-taking Skills

Embedded in each course are strategies for good test-taking. Students will learn tips for taking standardized tests that they will be able to apply to their daily academics as well as the SAT exams.

Build Your Confidence

With instruction in the core areas of the SAT tests as well as test-taking skills, our prep courses are a great opportunity to build your student’s confidence before they sit down to take the exams. Practice exams are embedded in the course, so your student will have an opportunity to apply the skills they learned and know what they need to review in more depth. For more information about the Excel High School online SAT prep program, visit

About Excel High School

Since 2005, Excel High School has delivered high-quality, accredited, online K-12 and adult high school programs. The cornerstone of the Excel program includes personalized learning, flexibility to learn where and when students learn best, highly qualified instructors, an award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum, easy-to-use technology, and a diverse online learning community. For more information, call 800-620-3844 or visit Excel High School is a division of Excel Education Systems, Inc., a global leader in online education.

About Train the Brain:

The mission of Train The Brain is to provide students with high quality, on-demand online tutoring, homework help, and SAT/ACT prep. In doing so, TTB works with highly qualified tutors who understand how to connect with students and ensure mastery of subject matter. By using a proprietary online tutoring platform, tutors are able to provide students with personalized attention any time day or night. Train the Brain is a division of Excel Education Systems, Inc. Learn more at


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