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Remote Work Options Make Workers 93% More Likely to Feel Included and Adds $8B Back Into the Economy, New Study Finds

Alliance Virtual Offices researchers analyzed millions of figures, including those of their own workers, to see how remote work impacts individuals’ health and wellbeing.

They found that all employees benefit from being offered the option to work from home, but the greatest benefits were found among several minority groups, according to a new industry study by Alliance Virtual Offices.

Relevant extant literature was reviewed from reliable sources by an experienced academic librarian and the Alliance team to reach these conclusions. They sought to discover what impact, if any, remote work has on workers’ mental and physical health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. The analysis was conducted by reviewing survey respondents on commuting, stress levels, emotional health, and physical health.

Better for minorities: Remote work options can help utilize the unique experience and skills of minorities, increasing diversity and equity.

Bringing parents back into the workforce: Offering parents remote work options can put $8 billion back into the economy.

Happier workers: When compared to control groups, the Alliance teams, 55% of which are remote or hybrid, have significantly lower commutes and are healthier and happier.

More inclusive: Those with the option for remote work were 93% more likely to feel included.

More productive: When given the option to work from home, employees were 22% more productive.

View all data visualizations and complete results of the study:

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