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Ex-G2 Staff Launch Trusty Logistics Firm, CarrierSource

Brokers and shippers waste time calling carriers to understand their services, while simultaneously worrying whether the carriers they've booked will get the job done

Reading online reviews before a purchase is now second nature, but one of America’s largest and most trafficked industries has been left behind. Tech startup CarrierSource is addressing this information gap head-on and announced today the launch of their new platform, following pre-seed funding in February. 

With more than 1 million registered trucking companies and the majority of freight in the U.S. being moved by truck, brokers and shippers are often forced to make snap decisions on a carrier with no insight into the service they’ll provide. Simultaneously, carriers are frequently subjected to biased, negative, and often hidden reviews that detrimentally impact their ability to fill capacity. CarrierSource provides the ultimate solution with a platform that combines FMCSA information and real user reviews to provide shippers the confidence that they’re choosing the best carrier, and carriers the ability to attract new business.

“In an industry that hinges on relationships, bringing trusted data to logistics will skyrocket supply chain efficiency,” said Tim Handorf, CarrierSource’s Executive Chairman and co-founder of G2 ( “Peer reviews are the backbone of so many fields and we believe that by creating more transparency, CarrierSource will revolutionize the logistics space.”

Currently, trucking companies can only receive negative online feedback, CarrierSource changes this by allowing carriers to share their own story. After claiming their free listing, carriers can update their preferred lanes and load types, gather authentic reviews, and elevate their online presence to grow their business. 

Brokers and shippers waste time calling carriers to understand their services, while simultaneously worrying whether the carriers they’ve booked will get the job done. CarrierSource provides the trusted data they need to build a strong book of carriers, and finally have confidence that they’ve found the best companies to move their freight. 

“We hope CarrierSource ushers in a new age of trust and open dialogue in the logistics community,” said co-founder and CEO, Rob Light. “Whether you’re a broker, shipper, or carrier, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed.”

The newly formed team joins Rob Light, Chief Executive Officer, and consists of G2 co-founder Mark Myers as Chief Design Officer, and early G2 employees Hamed Asghari as Chief Technology Officer, and Clara Flaherty as Head of Growth. The pre-seed funding, led by all five founders of tech unicorn G2, enabled CarrierSource to bring on this team that has a deep understanding of how to scale a review marketplace. 

Visit to join nearly 100,000 logistics professionals revolutionizing the way we move freight. 

About CarrierSource 
CarrierSource is an online review marketplace that combines FMCSA safety & insurance information with verified reviews to enable brokers/shippers to find the best carriers, and empower carriers to grow their business. With 7,000 active users and thousands of visitors every month, CarrierSource is your one-stop-shop for trust in logistics. 

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