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Essential tips and tricks for your OnePlus 7 Pro

The new OnePlus 7 Pro is a fantastic smartphone with a massive display and incredible performance. You don't have to optimize your smartphone with tips and tricks anymore, do you? Well, there still are a few minor adjustments you can make to take your experience with the OnePlus 7 Pro from amazing to super amazing.

Record wide-angle videos

Even though the OnePlus 7 Pro has three cameras with different focal lengths, only standard and telephoto cameras can be used in the video mode of the camera app. The wide-angle camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro cannot be used in video mode unless you are in debugging mode.

oneplus 7 pro tips tricks wide video debug

Wide-angle video recording is possible with the OnePlus 7 Pro. / © NextPit

How to record videos with the wide angle camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro:

Open up the dialer as if you’re about to make a phone call

Enter the following: *#*#1597#*#*#*

Afterward, the camera app will open in debugging mode and you’ll see some red text

Go to Video mode

Now, flip between the selfie camera and the main camera until the red text says “Lens: BACK (Wide) (3)” as in the far-right screenshot above.

While video recordings can be made with standard or telephoto optics in 4K, you can only record videos in Full HD (1080p) with the wide-angle camera in debugging mode. You should also note that the wide-angle camera does not have an optical image stabilizer.

Extend the battery life

The display of the OnePlus 7 Pro is something special. The Fluid AMOLED panel developed by Samsung and in cooperation with OnePlus is one of the first high-resolution smartphone displays with a maximum refresh rate of up to 90 Hertz. However, this high frame rate in combination with the high resolution (QHD+) is an energy guzzler. Thus, if you prefer a longer battery life in your normal everyday life, then you should reduce both the resolution and the refresh rate.

oneplus 7 pro tips tricks refresh rate

Changing the display settings is a quick way to conserve battery life. / © NextPit

So you can save energy with the help of the display:

Go to Settings > Display

Select FHD+ instead of QHD+ for the resolution

Select 60Hz instead of 90Hz for the refresh rate

In our OnePlus 7 Pro review, these changes extended the battery life by approximately 50 minutes.

Quick reply in landscape format

When enjoying a YouTube video or when playing a game, you’ll often find yourself using your smartphone in landscape mode. OnePlus has added a new way for you to reply to notifications while holding your phone sideways. 

Instead of answering from the notification line of the respective app, this new way of quickly replying to messages lets you stay in landscape mode by putting the messaging app on the left third of the display, while overlaying the keyboard on the right side.

Schnell antworten Landscape oneplus7pro

Reply to messages conveniently from within your game, thanks to the quick reply function of the OnePlus 7 Pro. / © NextPit

Unfortunately, there is currently still a large app limitation for this function. Only messages from WeChat, WhatsApp, and Instagram can be answered in landscape format, and you can find the preferences for this in Settings > Utilities > Quick reply in landscape.

Fingerprint sensor with additional function

With the introduction of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the manufacturer has given the fingerprint sensor an additional function that hardly any users know about. One of the reasons for this is that OnePlus has stored the Quick launch function in the Utilities rather than in Buttons & gestures section of the device settings.

This function is handy if you need to access frequently used apps quickly after unlocking your phone. Write a quick note? The Quick launch is good when you get used to the mechanism. You can also start Google Assistant with the fingerprint sensor instead of holding the power button for 0.5 seconds.

oneplus 7 pro tips tricks quick launch

Using the Quick launch function of the fingerprint sensor, you can quickly reach any apps or shortcuts. / © NextPit

This is how you add apps and shortcuts to OnePlus Quick launch:

Goes to Settings > Utilities > Quick launch

Now select Shortcuts settings > Add shortcuts

Now you can add shortcuts and apps to launch with your fingerprint scanner

Making calls over Wi-Fi is now possible

For years, OnePlus smartphones lacked a small but mighty feature: Wi-Fi calling. While smartphones from Samsung, Apple and Huawei had been supporting this practical feature for some time, OnePlus were left behind. This is now changing with the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 7. Both smartphones finally support calling over Wi-Fi network. If your service provider and rate plan offer this feature, you can now activate it in the settings.

oneplus 7 pro tips tricks volte sim

If your provider supports WiFi calling, you can now also activate it with OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro / © NextPit

How to activate your WiFi calling with OnePlus 7 Pro:

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & internet

Select SIM & network settings

Select the active SIM card, either SIM 1 or SIM 2

Now activate Wi-Fi Calling

Now, you should see VoWIFI in the status bar if WiFi calling is available.


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