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envo®mask Kicks Off Love a Teacher Campaign

On Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022, Clear Air LLC will offer a "Love a Teacher" promotion of 30% off to anyone who wants to donate an N95 NIOSH-approved envo®mask to a teacher.

Clear Air LLC today shared a look into its Love a Teacher campaign, which will feature 30% off to those who want to donate an N95 NIOSH-approved envo®mask to a teacher. The promotion will run from February 14 through February 28 and also allows teachers to purchase a mask for themselves at a discount.


“It’s a challenging time to be a teacher,” said Director of Customer Engagement, Brad Haley. “We’d like to honor our teacher heroes by offering a program that helps them maintain a safe and healthy classroom during these uncertain times.”


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envo®mask is a reusable N95 NIOSH-approved mask built for comfort, sealed protection, and long-term wear. It offers protection against viruses, wildfire smoke, pollution, construction dust, and more. To learn more about our products, visit




About envo®mask

envo®mask is distributed by Clear Air LLC and manufactured by Sleepnet Corp, based in Hampton, NH. We are a leading provider of N95 reusable masks built in the USA. Using innovative Airgel technology, envo®mask offers safety, comfort, and peace of mind for individuals that want to protect their health. Our mission is to improve global health by creating awareness around air quality and giving individuals the power to breathe clean air.

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