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Ellaquor Unveils Their Natural, Vegan Skincare Line and Handmade Soaps

Best friend duo and company owners, Bobby Uppal and Karina Almanza, are redefining the meaning of beauty and personal care. While many companies sell natural and vegan skincare, Ellaquor’s products go far beyond, offering a pure life that is skin deep.

Revolutionizing the personal care paradigm, Ellaquor believes beauty is achieved when mind, body, soul, and earth align. In this unique whole beauty approach, Ellaquor uses Earth’s finest ingredients to make highly effective skincare so that customers can feel safe about what they’re putting into your body, while simultaneously teaching consumers the value of mental health and wellness.

Bobby explains, “True beauty is when we pay as much attention to the state of our well-being as we do to the condition of our skin. For this reason, we teach weekly yoga classes and offer monthly meditations.”

Ellaquor’s Pure Life collection centers around rich hydration, softening, repair, and protection. Often referring to their products as clean, conscious and effective, Ellaquor uses vegan ingredients that nourish the skin without the harmful effects of toxins and harsh chemicals. Karina shares, “Our earth has graciously provided a vast garden of resources. We aim to incorporate her richest, most healing nutrients into our products to produce results.”

In furthering their commitment to mindful practices, they operate on eco-friendly and cruelty-free values. “When it comes to taking care of the earth, we take it very seriously. Everything from our ingredients to containers are earth-friendly. We believe it is our responsibility to leave people, animals, and our planet better than when we found them,” said Karina.

Ellaquor’s Pure Life Collection

Fresh Start Gentle Cleanser ($25) This refreshing cleanser soothes as it gently removes impurities. It is designed to clean without stripping the skin.

Calming Toner ($25) Rose water and witch hazel are our hero ingredients. These fascinating plants, along with Vitamin B, calm and hydrate the skin.

Illuminating Eye Serum ($45) Natural peptides reduce under eye bags, diminishes eyelid creases and folds, and softens skin.

Revital-Eyes Repair Cream ($39) Reduce signs of aging including the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

Ultra Light Face Lotion ($27) Beneficial for hydrating the skin without feeling greasy or heavy. Formulated with Zinc Oxide to block and protect against UV rays.

Deep Replenishing Face Cream ($27) The ultimate drink of water your thirsty skin craves.

Softening Body Butter ($35) Made with a blend of nourishing butters, oils, and plant extracts to soften and hydrate for silky smooth skin.

Homemade Soap ($9.50) Handmade soaps not only smell amazing – they truly soften your skin.

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