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Defi Protocol Abracadabra’s Stablecoin MIM Briefly Slides to $0.91 During the Crypto Market Rout

Amid the crypto market carnage this weekend, another stablecoin slipped below the $1 peg on Saturday, June 18, as the crypto asset called magic internet money (MIM) briefly dropped to a low of $0.914 per unit. The Abracadabra-issued stablecoin dropping in value follows the recent terrausd (UST) failure and USDD’s recent volatility last week.

In mid-May 2022, the entire world witnessed an algorithmic stablecoin called terrausd (UST) depeg from its $1 parity and slide below a U.S. penny in value. In fact, UST’s failure obliterated the entire Terra blockchain ecosystem of tokens until they were near worthless.

“One of the central pieces to the FUD revolves around Abracadabra’s treasury composition,” Abracadabra’s blog post notes. “Our operational treasury, which does not include SPELL tokens, currently owns more than $13.2M in assets (at the time of writing). Roughly half of the treasury is in MIM stablecoin, and the other half is in CRV tokens which are fundamental assets for us to hold.” The decentralized finance (defi) project’s blog post adds:

If you are looking for the exact amounts, the treasury holds 6,619,923.5 MIM and 10,380,153.06 CRV tokens.

Abracadabra’s blog post also asks people with outstanding loans to repay the balance while the peg is low in order to rebalance the MIM-3pool.

“As we write this post, the health of the Curve pool continues to improve and we fully expect the MIM peg to be restored shortly. In addition, we plan to share a more detailed set of dates around when and how repayment will occur,” Abracadabra’s blog post concludes.

What do you think about the stablecoin magic internet money (MIM) depegging on Saturday? What do you think about Abracadabra’s blog post statement? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.


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