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Credello: How to Save Money When You Travel

Many travel restrictions continue to lift and more consumers are taking to the roads, seas and skies to cross different destinations off their bucket list.

Many travel restrictions continue to lift and more consumers are taking to the roads, seas and skies to cross different destinations off their bucket list. But travel can be expensive, whether it’s gas for your road trip, increasing hotel and rental car costs, or plane tickets.  


Going into debt because you want to travel doesn’t make sense. But, there are ways to travel on a budget and save money as you go, without having to miss out on making memories. Here are 10 tips for traveling on a budget: 


Pack light 


Most airlines charge you for checking a bag, so packing light and only having a carry-on can help you avoid these fees. Bring clothes you can wash easily and can mix and match to keep it all in a small piece of luggage. 


Plus, having limited room in your suitcase may deter you from souvenir shopping, spending unnecessary funds on things you don’t need.  


Take your own snacks 


Packing snacks and drinks can cut back on costly purchases when you get hungry. Take protein-heavy items like jerky or protein bars, and other non-perishables that won’t take up too much room in your luggage.  


If you have room for a cooler, taking your own bottled water, soda, juice, and other beverages can protect your wallet when you’re on the go.  


Skip the restaurants 


Eating out can be expensive, and if you aren’t familiar with the city or country, you may not know where to go to get the best deals. Instead, visit a local market or grocery store to buy your own food. This is a great way to explore local food, interact with people who live in the area, and try new recipes.  


Set a schedule 


If you miss your plane, it’s going to be awfully expensive to book a new, last-minute flight. That’s why it’s important to create and set a schedule, giving yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to be. You can also avoid rideshare surge prices by giving yourself more time to get somewhere or arriving earlier than necessary.  


Use credit card rewards 


Oftentimes, credit card rewards (like points or miles) can be used to book hotels, airplane tickets, or even rental cars. Booking these items using points instead of cash can help you avoid tapping into your savings when you’re traveling. Save even more if your credit card is through a major airline or hotel chain, which may offer loyalty programs, discounts, or waived fees.  


Ask for discounts 


Speaking of discounts, it never hurts to ask if there are extra discounts available, especially if you belong to the loyalty program. Or, you can ask for any free upgrades or other perks, which can make your trip even better without spending the extra money.  


Travel during the offseason 


Traveling over the holidays and summer months will cost you more than doing so during other times of the year. In fact, it’s estimated that airfares for flights during the holiday seasons can average 41% or more expensive than other flights booked during non-holidays. You can likely also save on hotels or other accommodations, attraction tickets, and other services by traveling during the offseason.  


You can also save by flying during an off-peak day or time, or booking a flight that has a connection since non-stop flights can be more expensive.  


Plan activities ahead 


If you book activities or adventures in advance, you’ll likely spend less than if you book once you get to the attraction. Contrary to popular belief, booking activities at the last minute won’t get you a deal, and instead you’ll end up paying more.  


Some places, like museums, galleries and historic sites, also have free-admission days. By planning your visit in advance, you can take advantage of these activities at no charge. You can also look for group discount rates that you can take advantage of, even if you aren’t travelling in a group. 


Avoid renting a car 


Lately, vehicle rental prices are very high. Even if you plan on visiting a lot of places or seeing a lot of things while you travel, you may be better off taking the area’s public transportation. Not only can this make you feel like a local, but it will also likely save you a lot of cash. Or better yet, walk everywhere you can. Walking is obviously free, great exercise, and can give you up close and personal interactions with the place you’re staying.  


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