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Credello: How Cutting Down Costs of Expensive New Year Resolutions Enhances Our Financial Wellbeing

It’s difficult to think of anything in 2022 as “normal,” but people are still making new year resolutions they can’t keep. Some of these are health-conscious actions like joining a gym, losing weight, or eating healthier. These are admirable goals. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive undertakings if not done properly. Read on to learn more.

Other new year resolutions are more practical, like seeking debt consolidation for medical bills or paying off high interest credit card debt. Since we’re already talking about costs, we’ve included those goals in this article also. Today’s topic is “financial wellbeing.” Let’s discuss the new year resolutions that can help us achieve that.

1. Gym Memberships You’ll Never Use

Paying $10 a month for a gym membership seems reasonable if you’re going to use it. According to, 67% of people who join a gym never go. It’s built into the business model for most physical fitness facilities. You’ll be contributing to their bottom line without receiving any kind of benefit. Save your money. Work out at home.

2. Weight Loss Programs That Don’t Help You Lose Weight

There’s no such thing as a weight loss program that works without exercise. Starving yourself and counting your points might help you drop a few pounds, but it’s a temporary condition without a lifestyle change. Like gyms, weight loss programs count on failure. It’s what keeps them in business. Don’t waste the cash. Eat healthier and get some exercise.

3. Eating Healthier with Organic Foods

According to the USDA, produce is considered “organic” if it’s grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied to it for three years prior to harvest. That includes synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Lots of companies claim their products are organic and charge accordingly. Use your best judgment. Eating organic can be extremely expensive.

4. Consolidating Medical Debt after a Rough Couple of Years

New year resolutions are all about a fresh start. After two years of covid tests and doctor’s visits, many of us have accumulated significant medical bills. Those copays and uncovered procedures add up. Is a good time to consolidate that debt and start fresh? It is if you want to achieve financial wellness. Pay it all off before the collection agencies start calling.

5. Eliminating High Interest Credit Card Debt

This might be the healthiest new year resolution on this page. Households in the United States carry average revolving credit card debt of over $6,000. Eliminating that will free up extra money for healthy pursuits, like going to the gym and eating that organic food you’re convinced is better for you. It will also increase your credit score if that’s of any interest to you.

The Bottom Line: Financial Well-Being is Important

Many Americans expend energy on physical fitness and simply stress about their financial well-being. Going to the gym and eating healthy are important. Consolidating medical bills and paying off credit card debt are too. Work to find a balance with your new year resolutions this year. Be realistic. Set achievable goals. You can do this.

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