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CPT Global Listed as Top Five Australian Stock Exchange Tech Stock

CPT Global is one of the Australian Stock Exchange's (ASX) best performing tech stocks according to Stockhead, a leading independent publication on the Australian market.

CPT Global is one of the Australian Stock Exchange’s (ASX) best performing tech stocks according to Stockhead, a leading independent publication on the Australian market. At the close of 2021, the stock saw an annual gain of 115%, strengthened by the company’s 33% revenue growth, record profits and margins, and a new CEO.


Embarking on his first full year as CEO after serving as CPT’s Global President of the Americas & Europe, Luke Tuddenham said he believes his company is heading in the right direction, particularly as it looks to build on its success with new modernization partnerships, enhanced service offerings, and an expansion into proprietary software.


“CPT Global is committed to helping clients solve complex business problems and technical challenges, especially around mainframes and testing. With the growth we’re seeing in our company and the industry, we’re well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. 2022 is going to be an exciting year for CPT as we continue our strong momentum and line up a number of key partnerships and client engagements.”


Based on the report’s findings, CPT Global sits within the top five performers on the ASX above other AU tech heavyweights such as BrainChip and Dropsuite.


“Seeing how we stack up with other major tech companies really demonstrates that we’ve been making the right moves to improve CPT Global’s performance in the market and industry,” says Grant Sincock, the company’s CFO. “This is a nice confirmation from investors that we’re staying at the forefront of technology and innovation.”


But the CEO of CPT Global explains this is just the beginning. “We expect continued growth in revenue driven by strong demand from the banking, insurance, and government sectors,” Tuddenham said.


“Mature companies like CPT Global could be set for even more growth moving forward, so we’re putting together a strong pipeline of services, software, and advanced technology solutions to expand our offerings with clients and partners. We’re excited about our future, especially with a strong board of directors and a big year ahead.”


About CPT Global


CPT Global is a technology consulting firm with a strong focus on mainframe and emerging technologies. Approaching its 30th year in business, the company has helped 80% of the world’s largest banks and many other Fortune 500 companies maximize their IT investments and enhance their mainframe capabilities.


Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, CPT Global has over 180 employees worldwide and serves an impressive roster of clients in more than 70 countries around the world. The company has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in mainframe management and for its success with the IBM Z platform.

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