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PositiveSingles’ Statistics Tell How to Significantly Increase the Chance of Herpes Dating Success

Discover the key statistics that can boost your chances of herpes dating success on PositiveSingles.

PositiveSingles recently launched two statistics about herpes dating. The first one discussed what the favorite first dating idea was for their users. A majority of the users chose Cafes, with over 16,000 votes (23 percent). The second highest option was Dinner with over 12,000 votes (18.55 percent), followed by Drinks with 11,133 votes (16.20 percent).

Interestingly, lunch only had 7 percent of the votes, whereas random events make a difference gained 12 percent. As far as entertainment is concerned, not many prefer it as their option when first dating someone with herpes, considering only 1 to 3 percent of people choose activities such as Movies, Concerts, and Museums.

It’s not surprising that the STD single people over 30 have more imagination and ideas about meeting people with herpes or other kinds of STDs.

Loren Quinones, Customer service manager of

The lowest chosen activities were lectures, errand dating, and shopping, with little over 0.1 percent of the people choosing these options from nearly 70,000 participants.

Dividing the users by age, 30-40 years old provides most ideas about first dating, instead of younger people. 30s people provides 35 percent ideas, 40s people 24 percent, 20s occupied 19 percent and 50s 15 percent, 60s 5 percent.

“It’s not surprising that the STD single people over 30 have more imagination and ideas about meeting people with herpes or other kinds of STDs,” Loren Quinones, customer service manager of says, “The single people over 30, are the ones who have more need to regain love. However, the ideas generated by the younger people tend to be more diversified.”


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