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BEKHealth Launches Scoring System to Help Pharmaceutical Companies Ensure Clinical Trial Protocols are Compatible with the Latest AI-Enabled Site Solutions

A supplement to trial design and feasibility process to increase the probability of successful recruitment

BEKHealth, a Clinical Research Platform company, today announced the launch of BEKScore, a new commercially available service to help pharmaceutical companies design clinical trials compatible with the latest AI solutions used by research organizations at trial sites.

A BEKScore is generated by evaluating the design and criteria of a trial protocol and determining how likely an AI solution will be to find trial candidates within an EMR database. The higher the BEKScore, the greater the chance an AI-powered search will produce enough eligible participants to meet the requirements of the protocol.

“With the growing adoption by clinical researchers of AI technologies, pharmaceutical companies must ensure their trial protocols are compatible with and can be understood by these solutions,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO of BEKHealth.

BEKHealth generates a score using assumptions regarding a particular research organization’s area of focus or practice. Additionally, BEKScore can also be used by clinical research organizations to analyze incoming clinical trial protocols and determine which are most suitable for their patient populations.

“BEKScore leverages our deep expertise in EMR systems to provide pharmaceutical companies increased confidence in identifying eligible candidates who will meet the specific protocol requirements,” continued Josh Ransom, BEKHealth VP of Customer Experience.

About BEKHealth:
BEKHealth Corp. enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to quickly enter or expand clinical research. By combining a proprietary EMR data processing engine with easy-to-use and impactful user tools to accelerate business performance.

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