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Basant India Ltd has launched loan at home service – Check details

With the ‘loan at home’, the services will be taken to the customer’s home. Now the customer can avail of a gold loan from the comfort of their home without having to visit the branch at any stage of the procedure.

Want to avail of a gold loan from the comfort of your home? Here’s good news for you. Basant India Ltd has launched ‘Loan@Home’ service, wherein the Basant Finance is helping customers to avail of a gold loan without stepping out of their home.

This dedicated loan service at home includes the Basant India Ltd staff visiting the customer’s home at the appointed date and time, carrying out required digital checks, verifying the customer’s gold ornaments at the customer’s premises, creating the loan, generating loan documentation, and then the loan amount is credited to the customer’s bank account. Basant India Ltd is one of the popular financial services and gold loan providers in India.

The loan at home is an app-based digital service, with which a customer can apply for a gold loan through the ‘Loan@Home’ mobile app and web portal. As soon as the inquiry is verified and accepted, a real-time customer due diligence takes place through KYC process. After which an appointment is made for the visit by Basant India Ltd executives, to visit the customer’s home.

Basant India Ltd has launched the loan at home service, keeping in view the movement restrictions and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 situation. Considering the challenges faced by individuals in these trying times, this service will help them monetize their gold ornaments without stepping out of their homes.


Get instant gold loan by bringing your gold jewellery at any branch of Basant Finance Gold Loan. Your gold stays safe while you can go ahead and take advantage of every opportunity. Basant Finance Gold Loan is the ultimate solution for your financial needs. You can avail Gold loan whenever you need funds for education of children, business expansion, down payment for purchase of property or automobile, medical emergency, holiday with family etc. Basant India Ltd sanction gold loans quickly and without any problems to our customers. No credit rating or credit scoring is required. Walk into any one of our branches and get loan against your jewellery instantly. Our employees will do purity check in front of you and calculate the value of ornaments. Loan will be sanctioned within minutes. Our motto is to serve you quickly and build trust for forever.

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