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ARYA BioMed: 2022’s Top Oxygen Concentrator Maker

The Arya Oxygen Concentrator have powerful pulse flow and long battery life has proven to be especially beneficial for those with respiratory conditions.

Leading oxygen concentrator manufacturer ARYA BioMed was recently awarded the “Best Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer, 2022” award by Global Health & Pharma (GHP). The ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator secured the award with its innovative lightweight design and powerful functionality. The device is perfect for oxygen users who are seeking a better way of life than what tanks or traditional oxygen sources can provide.

The five-pound device comes with five different levels of Pulse Flow settings, and has a battery life of up to 16 hours. With a lifetime warranty on the concentrator, a five-year warranty on the sieve beds, and a free year’s supply of nasal cannulas, ARYA users gain the peace of mind needed to breathe with ease. 

The ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator automatically adjusts to user breathing patterns and levels of activity. The device itself is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and portable, making it ideal for use in any environment over extended periods of time. Those with respiratory conditions or the need for oxygen therapy can take advantage of the ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator’s powerful pulse flow and long-lasting battery to remain out and about longer than they ever could with a traditional oxygen source. 

“We couldn’t have done this without our amazing team,” said Andy Flynn, co-founder of ARYA BioMed. “We’ve faced countless challenges throughout the pandemic, but our team has been extremely resilient throughout our launch. We’re ecstatic about winning this award, but this is just the beginning.” 

The GHP Awards honor the innovation, determination and outstanding levels of care demonstrated by those who place patient well-being at the forefront of their practice. The GHP team gathers information independently before basing their final judgment on various criteria such as business performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid), and any significant innovations or feedback.

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About ARYA BioMed

ARYA BioMed is a leading manufacturer of oxygen concentrators and launched the ARYA portable oxygen concentrator in late 2021.

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Andy Flynn

(912) 507-0894

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