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AOTAVERSE NFT Featured in Multiple Landmark Billboards in Asia

Entering 2022, the metaverse craze continues, and many celebrities have joined the NFT crypto art craze. Recently, there is an NFT project “AOTAVERSE” created by Orienta Lab, showing up in some Asia landmark billboards such as the SOGO giant billboard in Hong Kong Causeway Bay and the landmark billboard near Taipei 101. According to AOTAVERSE’s official Twitter, they are also going to be featured on billboards in Shibuya, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

AOTAVERSE quickly attracted the attention of many celebrities and became a hyped NFT project in Asia. At present, the official social media account of AOTAVERSE has been followed and retweeted by more than 50 celebrities in Asia, including Hong Kong Singers and actors, namely Lam Fung, Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Yumiko Cheng, Ken Hung, Charmaine Sheh, Alex Fong, and Malaysian big names such as Jane Chuck, Amber Chia, Chan Peng Soon, Danny One and a lot more. Each of them displayed their AOTAVERSE NFT on their own social platforms. Subsequently, AOTAVERSE held an Instagram filter event on 30 January, allowing their users to become AOTA warriors through filters in Instagram. This event also attracted the participation of the above-mentioned celebrities. 

In addition to being popular with celebrities, AOTAVERSE has also collaborated with many NFT projects to establish their Discord communities, including ZAPE, WUNKS, Llamaverse, isoroom, Laid Back Llamas, and other hyped NFT projects. The collaboration event of NFT projects is usually giveaway whitelists or free NFTs to give back to the community. The AOTAVERSE collaboration events are no exception. For example, in the cooperation event between AOTAVERSE and Laid Back Llamas, 20 whitelisted spots were given away. AOTAVERSE also revealed that there are more upcoming collaborations with other NFT projects to strive for more benefits for the AOTA community.

According to the roadmap of AOTAVERSE, they will be launching their first NFT collection in mid-February 2022, followed by offering their own utility token $AOTA, marketplace, NFT staking, DAO, and ultimately the game coming in Q4 2022.

AOTAVERSE is a 3D mech-themed metaverse that combines NFTs, P2E, and DAO elements. The ETH chain NFT collection of 6,666 AI-generated Aotas has over hundreds of variations. This collection will be the genesis NFT collection, with GameFi compatible utility, for their upcoming game release. AOTAVERSE was publicly announced in mid-January, their Twitter has already reached 15,000 followers and Instagram has just reached 10,000 followers.

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