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Ananda Professional Launches Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Complex Featuring CBD + CBN

Ananda Professional is expanding its clinically-backed product portfolio with with a focus on technical innovation for condition-specific outcomes.

Ananda Professional is expanding its clinically-backed product portfolio with with a focus on technical innovation for condition-specific outcomes. The industry-leading CBD brand that has committed $40 million towards clinical hemp and cannabis research has brought to market a Full Spectrum CBD tincture enhanced with elevated levels of cannabinol (CBN).


CBD and CBN are two prominent examples of hemp’s 140+ naturally occurring cannabinoids. Cannabinoids confer benefits via interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid systems, a complex network of receptors that regulate virtually all physiological processes, including the sleep/wake cycle. (1)


Cannabinoids Enhance Sleep Quality – The Research


Specialists consider CBN the most sedating cannabinoid, promoting better sleep and helping people fall asleep and stay asleep.


According to multiple preclinical and human trials, cannabinoids: 


Significantly increase total sleep time, including REM sleep (2) 

Do not carry the side effects or risk of dependency that come with common sleep medications 

May enhance the quality of sleep, increasing energy and sense of well-being (3)

May help quiet an overstressed mind to allow for a more productive night’s sleep (4) 

Show potential in improving sleep disturbances while not interfering with healthy sleep (5) 

Ananda Professional’s PM Blend Products are available in three strengths (600mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg) to meet anyone’s needs. Available online and through your local independent pharmacy.


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Chris Lee

Sr. Marketing Director, Ecofibre Ltd.


Ecofibre is the leading diversified hemp company worldwide. The company owns or controls critical parts of the value chain in each business, from breeding, growing, and production to sales and marketing. Their value proposition to customers is premium quality products from vertically integrated, sustainable, and forward-thinking brands. In the United States, Ananda Professional is the leading pharmacy label for hemp-derived CBD. In addition, Ecofibre produces the highest-quality nutraceutical products for human and pet consumption and topical creams and salves. See for more information. | |




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