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Agency Vista Announces the Top Digital Marketing Trends Brands Need to Know for 2022

Agency Vista, the largest marketing agency network, announces the top marketing trends that will shape 2022. The trends are found within Agency Vista’s ecosystem of over 46,000 marketing agencies in 230 countries. The platform utilizes data-driven information to rank and recommend marketing agencies to the world’s top brands — the system can’t be cheated, and it can’t be bought.

Top Digital Marketing Trends Brands Need to Know for 2022:

1. Influencer Marketing Is Still On The Rise

Influencer marketing was set to reach a new high of $13.8 billion in 2021 and continue this trend throughout 2022. Brands should consider working with a leading influencer agency, such as HireInfluence.

2. Digital Ads Are Confronted By New Privacy Rules

With new privacy regulations being implemented, like the upcoming iOS 16 update, data collection and sharing have been greatly impacted for marketers. Agency Vista recommends these vetted agencies:

CRoche Consulting is a verified agency that provides innovative marketing solutions for small businesses.
Business Marketing Solutions Group is a verified 5-star lead generation agency with over 74 client reviews on Agency Vista.
3. SEO Is Becoming More About Integration

As search engine algorithms become more contextual, businesses with a website need to focus on providing more relevant experiences to their site visitors instead of focusing on “hacks” they’ve read online.

LadyBugz Interactive Agency is a verified 5-star SEO provider with over 81 client reviews on Agency Vista.

4. Social Currency Is Generated From Well-Crafted Online Experiences

As the digital landscape becomes more noisy and saturated, brands are turning towards earned media and word-of-mouth to drive social currency. Agency Vista recommends these vetted agencies:

Spark Social Agency is a vetted and top-rated social media marketing agency.
Ballistic Media Group is a 5-star marketing and PR agency for top brands on Agency Vista.
5. Website Speed Is Crucial

Most site traffic comes from mobile, however, the bulk of websites still don’t offer mobile-optimized experiences. Agency Vista recommends these vetted agencies:

Crafted NY is a verified award-winning digital marketing and creative design agency.
RNO1 brings 10+ years of digital expertise to brands with purpose.
4mation Technologies is a verified 4-star web development agency with over 62 client reviews on Agency Vista.
6. Algorithms Are Ruling The Digital Space

Every aspect of digital marketing such as email, SEO, social media newsfeeds, and display ads has become algorithm-driven. The main focus behind most algorithms is for the prioritization of user experience. Agency Vista recommends these vetted agencies:

The Social Robin uses innovative marketing to ensure client success without breaking the bank.
Ocreative is a 5-star integrated marketing agency that works with nonprofits and B2B companies.
7. Consumers Want Brands To Be Funny Yet Socially Responsible

The Attest U.S. Consumer Trends report found that 57% of consumers say they most want to experience humor from brands as the pandemic and negative news cycles drag on. Followed by poverty, inequality, and racism (at 36%) are the top issues that the public wishes brands take a stand on next year. Agency Vista recommends these vetted agencies:

COMMANDO is the leading full-service agency that specializes in LGBTQ+ Media.
MindMeld PR is a top-rated tech-focused public relations firm.


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