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Accelirate Announces Partnership With Singularity Systems

Leading automation and emerging technology services provider Accelirate Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with Singularity Systems

Leading automation and emerging technology services provider Accelirate Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with Singularity Systems, a global provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for intelligent document processing and predictive analytics. Through the partnership, Accelirate expands its capabilities for helping clients leverage document data into actionable insights to achieve true digital transformation. 


Digitization is becoming vital for businesses across industries to handle changes in customer expectations and remain competitive in the constantly evolving digital landscape. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) plays a critical role in enabling digitization for these organizations, especially in industries where there is a critical need for efficient and accurate document processing, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare. Singularity Systems’ platform, Singu̇AI, enables businesses to tackle complex use cases (e.g., classifying and extracting data from long, variable, unstructured documents) and achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing. 


The Singu̇AI platform combines computer vision, NLP, and a proprietary OCR, all based on machine learning and deep learning, in a microservices environment that integrates with virtually every RPA, BPM, and legacy application used today. The platform offers pre-trained models for common documents including bank statements, ID cards, resumes, and invoices. It also allows users to build machine learning models with an intuitive browser interface that requires no coding, thus eliminating the need for data scientists to build data classification and extraction models and constantly retrain them. These capabilities make AI scalable for the enterprise. 


“Singularity Systems is focused on providing the most complete AI solution to extract desired information from any document or image. This is the most important step in a company’s digital transformation journey,” said Scott Lee, CRO of Singularity Systems.  “We’re proud to partner with Accelirate, a best-in-class provider of process automation services. Together, we can deliver disruptive emerging technology solutions to automate manual processes across a wide range of industry use cases.” 


Accelirate serves a client portfolio of organizations that have an acute need for efficient document processing, including insurers, financial services firms, and pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. Accelirate’s partnership with Singularity Systems will help the company continue providing these organizations with the most effective document processing solutions to extract actionable information from unstructured data sources, empower strategic decisions, and automate their manual processes. 


“Accelirate has a strong capability in implementing and supporting IDP solutions, and we’ve made a tremendous impact on customers by automating their document processing workflows that have historically been inefficient and error-prone,” said Harsh Thakar, COO of Accelirate. “Partnering with Singularity Systems will help us continue on our mission to continue delivering best-in-class emerging technology solutions and improve the way organizations handle and scale their document processing efforts.”

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