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4 ways to quickly charge your phone in a time crunch

As our phones have become more and more powerful, the battery packs inside them have only just managed to keep pace. It’s still not uncommon to be looking for a charger at the end of the day, no matter what make or model of phone you’ve got.

On the most hectic days, however, charging time will be at a minimum. If you’re running from place to place, for example, you may only have five minutes or so to plug in your phone before you have to leave your car or move away from the outlet you’re using. It becomes crucial to get the most battery power stored up in the shortest possible time. Follow these steps to quick-charge your phone during short intervals, and it should still have some life left when the day ends.

This makes more of a difference than you might think. When your phone isn’t checking wireless connections, updating apps with alerts, and straining to stay connected to its cellular network, it draws much less power than normal.

Think of charging your phone as being like filling a bath: the tub’s going to fill up with water a lot quicker if there aren’t any leaks in it and the drain is firmly plugged. There’s the obvious downside that you won’t receive any messages or calls while your phone is in airplane mode, but it’s well worth the sacrifice if you’re only charging it for a few minutes.

In fact, you might want to leave your device in airplane mode even after you’ve finished charging it up. The battery will drain much slower if your phone’s cut off from the outside world. And as an added bonus, you’re less likely to get interrupted during a meeting or tempted during a drive. You might find you don’t need to check Twitter that much after all

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