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10 Best Places Where To Sell Pokémon Cards Online For Cash in 2022

Do you know where to sell Pokémon cards online? If you don’t then you will find the top 10 best places to sell pokemon cards for cash online.

Pokemon cards can make you hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you are born in the ’90s and have collected Pokemon cards then you are the lucky one.

If your cards are unique, not easily available, and have demands then you should try to sell them online to get a good price.

But finding such a website is not that easy as there are different sites and each of them has different rates so here we have picked the top 10 places where to sell Pokémon cards online.

Following are the top 10 and best websites and stores where you can sell your pokemon cards online for cash.

Cards Cavern is one of the most popular marketplaces for cards seller and buyers. They have specializes in PTCGO codes which stands for Pokemon The Trading Card Game Online.

You are not manually selling cards in form of physical cards but in digital cards. You are selling the code and sending it to buyers’ emails.

If you don’t know about eBay then you are really missing out on something. eBay allows you to have control over your cards and you can find many buyers who are looking for different Pokemon cards.

eBay allows you to set a price for your cards so it’s worth it. Make sure you put the suitable price for your cards.

It allows you to sell up to 200 cards each month for free and it comes with a 10% trading fee on your final selling price. There are many scammers on eBay too so use it properly.

Troll and Toad is an online marketplace where you can buy cards from different genres including Pokemon cards. The process is simple you have to mail your collection to Troll and Toad, team will do an inspection within five days and proceed with payment accordingly.

It is built for card sellers and buyers you can find individual, toll, rare cards, and even training boxes. You can easily find cards like Dragon Ball and Yugioh.

Order worth more than $30 will receive in cash and below that, you will receive your earnings in your credit.

Their official website is

Less active but it’s worth checking at least once. Once you land on the website you will find a marketplace and you have to register on the website first.

You can sell cards in bulk and as individuals as well. Rare pokemon cards or signed cards are any type of cards you can go to sell.

You can withdraw your money through Paypal, Check, Store Credit, and MTGOTraders credit.

Official website:

TCGPlayer is a trading platform for card games including Pokemon. You can find collectors, gamers, and buyers who are looking for pokemon cards.

You just simply need to register on their website and list your Pokemon cards. You have to pay fees only on your every sale.

You have to pay up to a 10% trading fee and an extra 3% fee for Paypal transactions.

Official Website:

Dave & Adam’s platform is a site where you can sell your gift cards to the platform directly. You can sell cards related to anything almost anything including Dragon Ball, Fortnite, Basketball, Football, and of course Pokemon gift cards too.

You have to contact them using your lot details and once they accept you have to mail your cards, you will receive payments within 48 hours.

You can receive payments through cash, PayPal, or check. It is one of the best place to sell Pokémon cards online.

CCGCastle is a site where you can find gift cards like Dragonball Z, Warcraft, My Little Pony, Pokemon, and more.

The site is easy to use and register, you can find a list of items on the home page to get an idea of what and how you can sell your cards.

You can find the “Sell Us Your Stuff” button at the bottom of the page, click on it to add items for selling. You can receive your money in Paypal or in-store credit.

Official Website:

Where is the best place to sell pokemon cards?

Sell2BBNoveties can be your answer. They are in business since 1999 selling and buying toys and collectibles founder started Sell2BBNovelties in 2003.

Your cards must be US standard version or they should be in like-new condition. You can either receive payment in Paypal or in-store credit.

If you are selling cards for above $30 then shipping is free.

Where can I sell my pokemon cards for cash near me? Craigslist is an option for you.

Official Website:

On Reddit, there is a separate subreddit “” with 26K members. Here you can post your offers and buyers may come and deal with you accordingly.

Like sites you don’t have access to limited places, you can trade cards with anyone on this planet.

Stores near you are the best places to sell pokemon cards near me.  If you are living in countries like Japan then you are good to find stores that purchase Pokemon cards.

Where to sell rare pokemon cards near me? Stores in Japan are the best place to sell rare pokemon cards near me.

Previously they had a page called gift card exchange but not the page is not available still, you can use Gamestop to trade in cards on the website.

They have different categories to list your cards and buyers will choose to buy or not your cards.

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