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If you have a website, you know the importance of having a lot of great content to attract visitors to your site. However, you also know what it takes to create that content. You either spend a lot of your valuable work time writing content or hire it out. Hiring other writers can be expensive, and you’re not guaranteed to get the quality you expect.

In recent years, AI has progressed enough to produce content. Writersonic is a company that uses AI to help its customers write quality, SEO-driven content.

But how great is Writersonic? Is it a good fit for you? Read on to find out!

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant for content creation like blog posts and articles. It creates copy around any given topic in less than 15 seconds. Writesonic uses both AI and human ingenuity to create valuable, SEO-powered content.

AI aims to create content that is engaging and doesn’t feel like it’s written by AI. It also makes it easier to get the content you need in a shorter time for a fraction of the price compared to what you’d pay when hiring writers.

Writsonic is used for content creation. It can help create blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. It has many features that can help you write content by suggesting outlines when to use keywords and more.

The Writesonic experience will vary slightly depending on what type of content you want to produce, but the overall structure is the same. You’ll give the program a topic, keywords, and the language you want. It will then produce up to five options for you.

Writesonic can also take the content you’ve already written and help you to expand it. It can give you blog post ideas for a given topic or niche.  

Below are some of the basics on Writesonic to give you a quick idea if it may be a good product for you.

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Digital content marketers

Writesonic offers three plans:

You’ll find quite a few helpful features with Writesonic. Below are five of the most remarkable features.

Writesonic’s main feature is its AI writer. It allows you to create long-form content (1500 words or more) using a simple four-step process. You’ll start with a topic, and the AI will generate several titles/article ideas for you to choose from.

After choosing a title, you’ll be given a few introduction options. Next, you’ll get outline options. Once you have chosen a title, introduction, and outline, the program will generate your content.

You have the power to make changes each step of the way, allowing you to customize your post. Edits will affect the results in each following step.

If you want to write your own content but would like to speed up your workflow, then Writesonic offers several features that will help you with writing.  A summarizing tool generates a summary of your text. A paraphrasing tool rewrites sentences, which can be helpful if you need to reword something.

Writesonic’s text expander can be helpful when you create content that isn’t quite the optimal length. For the reverse, a content shortener can help you make your content more succinct.

Landing pages can be time-consuming and tedious. Writesonic has a landing page feature to help you create content that converts. It doesn’t need much information from you, just the name of your product, a description, and its benefits.

Writesonic will then give you a few options to choose from. You can make changes where needed.

Writesonic can also help you turn features into benefits, follow an AIDA framework, and help you with pain-agitate-solutions formatting.

You may want to write your own content, but spending time coming up with topic ideas, titles, outlines, etc., can eat up a lot of your time. Writesonic has several features that help you get your ideas in place so you can get your writing done faster.

A blog ideas feature gives you lots of potential ideas and titles based on your niche. An outline generator helps you quickly get an outline instead of spending hours researching and looking at the competition. A listicle ideas feature gives you even more ideas for posts.

While Writesonic is primarily for blog post writing, it offers many other types of writing as well. T can generate product descriptions, social media ads, Google Ads and descriptions, emails, mission statements, and more. I can even write YouTube scripts, titles, and descriptions.

There are no minimum requirements to use Writesonic. The software is simple, even if you’re not a techie. Almost anyone can sign up and start using the program. It only takes a few basic steps to produce your first piece of content. You only need to have an idea of your niche/topic.

Writesonic offers three different plans to accommodate all budgets. It’s important to note that while plan prices don’t change, the number of words you get each month depends on the quality you choose.

Writesonic’s plans include:

With the free trial, you get either 6,250 words of good content or 2,500 words of premium content. After that, you’ll need to switch to one of the paid plans. You can try out the AI article writer and several other features, including the landing page generator and the Sonic editor (a word processor like Google Docs).

The Short form plan is $15 per month ($10 if you pay annually). This plan is just for those wanting short-form content – ads, product descriptions, short paragraphs, etc. You don’t get access to the AI article writer, so it’s not a good option for bloggers. You do get access to the landing page generator.

Word counts are as follows:

If you require more words for any quality level, you can increase the monthly price up to $40 and get up to 337,500 words.

The Long-form plan is $19 per month ($13 if paid annually). This plan is great for those who need long-form content like blog posts. It includes everything in the short-form plan, plus access to the AI article writer. You’ll also get custom branding, priority support, and custom feature requests.

Word counts are as follows:

If you need more words for any of the quality levels, you can get up to 12 million words for up to $999 per month.

Writesonice doesn’t currently have an enterprise version. However, if you would like to have more than one user on your account, you can get up to four users as you increase your word count for the month.

Below are a few ways you can save on a Writesonic subscription.

Writesonic does offer a free trial. You can get up to 6,250 words of content. You also get to try out the AI article writer, which is the platform’s main feature.

Currently, there are no official Writesonic coupon codes available. However, you can save 33% off the regular price if you pay for your subscription annually instead of monthly.

Writesonic doesn’t currently have a lifetime deal. The longest subscription length is one year.

Writesonic isn’t the only AI content writer – there are many other services available.

Writesonic’s main alternatives include Jasper, Articoolo, and

Jasper offers many of the same content-production features as Writesonic. It also has an enterprise version. It has more SEO features, including integration with Surfer SEO. The company also works with marketing and SEO experts to create its platform.

Articoolo is primarily an article-generating AI platform. It creates or rewrites content. It doesn’t make as many types of content as Writesonic. However, it will suggest images for you to add. It may be a good option if you need shorter content. uses AI to generate blog posts, social media posts, and email content.’s best feature is its free plan. You get ten credits each month to create copy. It’s not a free trial. It also offers a plan with unlimited credits. does have an enterprise version.

Writesonic differentiates itself with the many options it offers. While many platforms offer content generation for only a few types of content, Writesonic can help with almost anything you need to write. It has features designed for specific types of content instead of just one feature to write all content.

Writesonic doesn’t pretend that its AI can create perfect content on its own. Instead, it aims to be a program where humans can work with AI to speed up the content creation process while still producing quality work.

Writesonic is best for bloggers and others who need a lot of content but don’t have time to write it themselves.

Writersonic is best for new bloggers because it can help them get a lot of content up quickly and boost their website.

Most users have a great experience with Writesonic. The platform has put a lot of effort into making a product that follows logical steps to help you create content quickly.

Writesonic is incredibly easy to use. The interface is self-explanatory, and it even gives you suggestions to get more out of the product.

Many types of content: With the affordable premium plan, Writesonic can be a one-stop shop for almost any type of content you need.

Customer support: If you have an issue, Writesonic is there to help. They also have lots of articles, help pages, and videos to help you use the platform. 

Limited users: Some users don’t like the limited number of users you can have on your account. You can only have up to four with higher-tier pricing.

Credits: Users also find it frustrating that you have to use credits for each iteration of an article. It makes it costlier to get something you’re satisfied with.

Got questions about Writesonic? We have answers!

To cancel your subscription, you’ll go to your account management page and select cancel. Alternately, you may contact customer service. Your plan will cancel at the end of the billing period.

You’ll get a certain amount of credits with your plan. Each time you generate content, you’ll be required to use your credits. If you’re unhappy with content and need to make adjustments and regenerate, you’ll use more credits.

Have you tried Writesonic? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!


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